Changing Your Major

  • How do I change my major, minor, or advisor?

    Get the Form

    Download the change of major form (PDF).
    (It’s technically called the Program/Major/Minor/Advisor Declaration Form.)

    Complete the Form

    1. At the top of the form, write your name and ID number.
    2. The answer to the next two questions is usually "no" for traditional students, but you should read it first!
    3. On the DELETE side, complete the parts that are relevant for you.
    4. On the ADD side of the form (the right side), fill out the following items:
      1. Check “Major”. Check "Advisor" if your new major is in a different academic department.
      2. Write in the Major that you want to add.
      3. Meet with the Department Chair (Eric Anderson can help you with this) to get a new advisor (see note below). If you are changing to Undeclared, meet with Eric Anderson in Career Development.
      4. Get signatures from the Department Chair and from your new advisor.
    5. Complete the section with the list of all your majors, minors (if you have any) and advisers. Most students have one major and one advisor, but list them all if you have more, even if they are not related to the major change you are making.
    6. Sign and date the form at the bottom, and take it to the Registrar in Yochum Hall.

    Meet With Your New Academic Advisor

    If you are changing to Undeclared, an advisor will be selected for you by Dr. Jody Fournier, Dean of Studies (Academic and Student Affairs).

    If you have declared a major, and are changing that major, ask the department chair when s/he signs your form if you can select an advisor or if one will be assigned to you. If you can select an advisor then think back to a course you took in the major which you especially enjoyed. Approach that professor and ask if s/he would be willing to be your advisor. If you have not yet taken a course in that major, ask upper-class students who they recommend as an advisor, or ask the department chair for suggestions. Once you have an advisor within your major make an appointment, just to get to know him or her and orient yourself within the new major.