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MBA Curriculum

    Are you an accidental manager? An English major now managing a complex marketing project? Have your financial skills brought you to a level where you now need to understand the big picture? Perhaps you yearn to launch your own venture. You need knowledge and skills, not just initials. The Capital MBA is designed to equip you with the conceptual, interpersonal, personal and technical skills that you need to excel in today’s dynamic world. 

    You will:

    • Refine your analytic and conceptual talents to enable you to successfully tackle the most complex issues
    • Develop the technical acumen essential to communicate with other leaders throughout the organization
    • Enhance your ability to work with diverse teams to create innovative solutions
    • Strengthen your own ability to implement change
    Sequence of Courses

    The MBA program requires a minimum of thirty-six (36) credit hours.  

    Required courses total thirty-three (33) credit hours, including the MBA Essentials course six credit hours (6) and nine (9) other foundation courses; each one is three (3) credit hours.  

    Plus one Advanced Topics course of three (3) credit hours in one of the following disciplines: 

    • Finance 
    • Leadership 
    • Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship 
    The content in the Advanced Topics course focuses on contemporary issues within these disciplines and varies according to the instructor. 

    Many courses build upon one another. Therefore, when scheduling your courses, please consider the following: 

    • 600 level courses should be completed before 700 level courses (note: students may take a last 600 level course concurrent with a 700 level course, provided all prerequisites are satisfied). 
    • MBA 611 (MIS / Analytical Tools) is a prerequisite for MBA 612 (Managerial Economics). 
    • MBA 612 (Managerial Economics) and MBA 614 (Managerial Accounting) are prerequisites for MBA 720 (Financial Management).  
    • All 600 level and 700 level courses must be complete before MBA 800 level courses (Advanced Topics) and MBA 900 (Business Policy). 
    • Any exceptions to these requirements will be considered upon a written request to the faculty member teaching the course and/or the Director of the MBA program  
    Elective courses are available to students enrolled prior to the Fall 2014 term. Elective courses totaling at least eight (8) credit hours. Electives are one (1), two (2), or three (3) credit hours.   
    Planning and Scheduling

    Learn more about when courses are available, how to schedule courses, and how to plan your completion schedule with our MBA Planning and Scheduling guide.