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    ALL First Year (Freshman) and Transfer (those with 15 or fewer hours) students living on campus are required to have the 225 meal plan for the Fall semester. Upperclass students can choose from four different meal plans, ranging from 125 meals to 315 meals per semester. Juniors and Seniors can also select the 75 meal plan.

    First Year and Transfers (those with 15 or fewer hours) can submit meal plan changes at the close of the fall semester for the following spring semester.

    Upperclassmen and Transfers living on campus (those with 16 or more hours), can submit meal plan changes for Fall on or before the second Friday of classes.  All students may request a meal plan change for the Spring Semester on or before the second Friday of Spring classes.   

    Commuter meal plans must be arranged through Parkhurst Dining Services.

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