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  • Praise for the MIDI Band from Former Members

    The MIDI Band is more than just a group to jam with. Years after graduation, former band members are using what the MIDI Band taught them to enrich their careers in the music industry.

    Here's what some of them have to say:

    "The MIDI band was a deciding factor in my decision to attend Capital. It's rare to find technology applied in a real, live performing situation. The fact that Capital pioneered the MIDI Band showed me that they were looking to the future and anticipating the needs of their graduates …

    "… Performing in the MIDI Band is an experience unlike anything else. First, you compose some music. Then you have to understand how your synth works and what it is doing. You have to pay attention to the level you are sending to the sound engineers. And you need to stay on top of the music and communicate with the other performers on stage. All of this could take place in any musical style, from avant-garde improv to rock to 15th century Renaissance music. What a challenge! But that challenge is your best preparation for the real world. You really learn how to think on your feet. It is wonderful training, and oh – by the way – it's fun, too!"

    Bob DiGiacomo
    Class of 2002
    Major: Music Industry

    "Before coming to Capital, I had zero experience with electronic music except for one piece that I considered rock n' roll. My first day of MIDI Band, during my freshman year, they pulled out that same piece! From that point on, my experience with recording and electronic composition snowballed. By the time I graduated, electronic music was my preferred genre. It comprised my entire senior recital."

    Scott Comanzo
    Class of 2001
    Major: Composition


    "After seeing the MIDI Band perform at my high school, I knew I wanted to be a part of this innovative group. That's why I came to Capital. Now, electronic music is part of my everyday life …

    "… Touring with the Capital University MIDI Band gave me some of the best memories of my college experience. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have the opportunity not only to visit, but also perform in Puerto Rico!"

    Chad Loughrige
    Class of 2000
    Major: Music Media


    "The MIDI Band gave me countless opportunities to have my pieces performed … When I began at Capital, I had very little technical ability in music, but I apparently had great potential. Dr. Reuter … recognized my potential and gave me a chance to grow by inviting me to join the MIDI Band. The time I spent playing in this group was an integral part of my success both at Capital and in all the musical endeavors that have followed …

    "As I remember it, MIDI Band was about more than just playing music with electronic instruments. It was about rounding up some of the most talented and creative students in the conservatory and allowing them to do something really unique and fun. Some of the music that we played was very structured, with every detail outlined in a full score, and other pieces were completely improvised. While I was in the group, we covered everything from to Pink Floyd, to Pat Metheny to Phillip Glass to Renaissance music, to popular themes from Nintendo games. The group offered a musical freedom that was unparalleled by any other ensemble at Capital."

    Tony Brock
    Class of 2000
    Major: Composition


    "MIDI Band is a whole world of creativity, collaboration and craziness. It was the first chance I ever had to mix audio for a live ensemble, which is exactly what I am doing today as a professional. MIDI Band prepared me well for life beyond the Conservatory."

    Allison Blank
    Class of 1999
    Major: Music Industry

    "MIDI Band was a great experience for me on so many levels. Learning a new instrument, learning new gear, writing and arranging compositions – and, of course, all of the great times we had together!"

    Jennifer Agnew
    Class of 1997
    Major: Music Industry


    "The Capital University MIDI Band offered me the unique opportunity to compose for multiple electronic instruments using sound design as part of the compositional palette. This has since become a strong element in my compositional style …

    "… More and more, the future of composition has been influenced by technology. The Music Technology program at Capital cultivates an open-minded way of approaching music that encourages the participants to compose and perform using the latest technology."

    Daniel Kelly
    Class of 1995
    Major: Jazz Piano Performance