Modern Languages, 2008
  • Modern Languages, 2008



    OLE: Screenwriting from Concept to Finished Draft
    Andrew A. Balalovski
    Mentor: Maria Jose Delgado

    Juanita, a tenured lesbian college professor, is at rock bottom at her job, not because she does not know her subject, but rather because she has lost the passion for teaching. After falsely being accused of molesting a student, she quits her job to become a bullfighter in Spain in an era in which women are not even allowed to dream of such jobs and moves in with her estranged antiquated family who holds a grudge against her sexuality and decisions. That is the premise of OLE, a full length feature movie script in Spanish. Through this presentation, I demonstrate the creative process behind script writing from concept to finished draft which is not similar to writing a novel or other work of creative merit. I address this topic because often I see people who waste their talents in undesirable positions and when they decide to veer away from it, the community shuns and labels them. Nonetheless, I am a firm believer that the labels should be the names of individuals performing their gift to society.



    The Portrayal of Terrorism in Today’s Spanish Media
    Shawn Moser
    Mentor: Maria Jose Delgado

    Various studies from the mid- to late-twentieth century examine the impact of the mass media's presentation of terrorist activity on the public perception of terrorism in general. Some authors argue that the media's portrayal of certain terrorist acts tends to sensationalize and exaggerate the reality of these incidents, which may lead to a false perception of the severity or frequency of terrorism among the general public. This presentation submits a descriptive analysis of the modern-day Spanish media's coverage of the activities of the Basque terrorist group ETA, to examine whether the established authors' findings hold true in this particular nation and in a post-September 11 political environment. To fulfill its purpose as a Spanish senior project, the primary focus of this work is to conduct a professional presentation entirely in the Spanish language.