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Music Facilities
  • Music Facilities and Resources

    The Conservatory’s on-campus equipment includes a full complement of instruments and computers, electronic music studios, an electronic piano/computer room, a music education curriculum laboratory, piano and pipe organ practice rooms. In fall 2005, the Paul W. and Ella D. Hugus Memorial Pipe organ was dedicated in Mees Hall. The three-manual, 70-rank organ boasts more than 4,000 pipes and was designed and constructed especially for the hall and the requirements of a pipe organ within an academic environment.


    Leo Yassenoff Keyboard Classroom Room

    The keyboard classroom is used to teach students how to play jazz, classical and contemporary keyboard techniques.

    The Electronic/Recording Studios (ERS)

    The ERS are the Conservatory's primary technology spaces and are used to teach electronic music and recording classes:

    • Electronic Music Studies
    • Studio Techniques
    • Recording Techniques
    • MIDI Band Rehearsals

    Ellis Snyder Chapel Choir Room

    The Snyder rehearsal room is also used to deliver vocal methods, conducting and other classes. It is also the rehearsal room for the Chapel Choir.

    The Wilbur Crist Rehearsal Room

    The Crist Rehearsal Room is also used to for instrumental methods, conducting, Symphonic Winds, Wind Symphony and other classes.

    Huntington Recital Hall

    Huntington Hall is a 180-seat recital hall; and the Conservatory's primary performing hall, This is where most student, faculty and guest recitals are presented each year.

    Mees Auditorium

    Mees Auditorium is one of Columbus' historic performance halls. The auditorium was constructed in 1926 and was fully renovated in 1992. In fall 2005 the Paul W. and Ella D. Hugus Pipe Organ was installed.

    The Mees Auditorium is Capital's largest performance and gathering space hosting the Christmas Festival, Big Band performances and student and faculty assemblies, Symphonic Winds, and Opera/Musical Theatre.

    The auditorium is named for Rev. Dr. Otto Mees who became president in 1912 and served that office for nearly 34 years.

    Practice Rooms

    Conservatory students have access to thirty practice rooms of varying sizes. These rooms are located on the lower level of Bexley Hall in the Conservatory complex. Students and faculty often use other rooms as they are available:

    • Space Chamber Piano Room
    • Wilbur Crist Rehearsal Room
    • Keyboard Practice Rooms
    • Organ Rehearsal Room
    • Percussion/Jazz Rehearsal Room
    • The Recording/Electronic Studios
    • Ellis Snyder Chapel Choir Room