Music Industry FAQ
  • Frequently Asked Questions


    What can I do with a Music Business and Industry Studies degree?

    Our music business degrees are professional degrees (Bachelor of Music, or B.M.) in music, providing flexibility and professional preparation in the academic area of your choice and on your instrument. While no degree from any institution guarantees success, Capital's graduates are successful in every facet of the music business: performing, teaching, production, retail, composition, recording, publishing and law. All of Capital's music degrees are similar in the freshman year, allowing students to discuss and explore a variety of degree plans, with a wide variety of required classes.


    What kinds of experiences do Capital's faculty have in the music business?

    Capital faculty bring an amazing array of practical, real-world experiences to the classroom and the teaching studio. From providing instruction to students throughout the nation and the world, to composing, performing, recording, publishing, consulting and creating careers in arts administration and music retail, Capital's talented faculty communicate a message of professionalism and practicality in music instruction.


    Is Columbus a good community for music business?

    Columbus, Ohio's largest city, serves as an excellent laboratory for those students interested in a life as a music professional. Through opportunities in the many different performing arts organizations, studios, schools, clubs, concert halls, music retail establishments, recording facilities and related businesses, Capital's music students are within minutes of life in a major metropolitan area.


    Are internships as valuable as many people say they are?

    For many students, internships serve as an entry point into the music business. Capital's students have held successful internships in Columbus and throughout the United States. Internships are required in some degrees, but are encouraged for all students.


    Where have Capital students worked/interned in Columbus?


    What opportunities do students have to network with other students through music business-related student organizations?

    • MEISA 
    • NAMM 
    • Event staff
    • University Programming


    Will I still be able to perform on my primary instrument?

    Music Industry degrees are academic focus areas - you must define a major instrument as well. In turn, you can major in any instrument or voice and major in Music Industry.

    How do I become a Music Business and Industry Studies major?

    Prospective students must first be admitted academically to Capital University through the admissions process.