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      Bachelor of Music in Music Industry

      While it's true that we prepare students to be professional musicians, we also prepare them to be music professionals.

      You love music, and you're committed to it, but you also realize that being a great musician isn’t always enough. Developing the skills and savvy to function comprehensively in the music business is critical to your success. Music Industry students at Capital develop the building blocks for establishing a music-related career on multiple levels — not just the ability to perform or analyze music, but also how to navigate the other aspects of a music-related career. So, while it's true that we prepare students to be professional musicians, we also prepare them to be music professionals.

      Music Industry students are encouraged to embrace change and adapt to it. That's why we teach a variety of skills and interests. Because learning how to do something only one way makes it difficult to adapt to changes and trends in any business — especially the arts business, which is constantly changing and extremely interconnected. If you're ready to kick start your music career with a combination of contemporary and traditional music studies and recording technology, but you want the flexibility to be even more well-rounded and graduate with a minor or second major outside of music — say, marketing, arts management or communication — this is your go-to major.

      We have it all. Guest artists. Well-connected and respected faculty. Outstanding ensembles. Professional private instruction. And an in-residence experience at The Recording Workshop. Add to that the option to participate in one of our many door-opening internships, which have included everything from Saturday Night Live and Horse-Drawn Productions to Circa Music and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Go ahead. Get started. Establish your music career on multiple levels with a degree in Music Industry at Capital.

    • Faculty 

      Robert Breithaupt

      Robert Breithaupt is professor of music and department chair of Performance Studies at Capital, and one of today's foremost leaders in percussion education. He was co-founder of the Summer Drum Set Workshops, author of the textbook, The Complete Percussionist, and the DVD, Snare Drum Basics. He presents at clinics and seminars around the world. He was past president of the Percussive Arts Society and currently serves as vice president of the Jazz Education Network (JEN).

      During more than 30 years of concerts and tours, Breithaupt has performed with jazz talents like Terry Gibbs, John Pizzarelli, Kirk Whalum and many more. He regularly performs with many of the nation's finest orchestras along with trumpet virtuoso Byron Stripling. He was executive director of the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus from 2001 to 2012 and has served as the drummer of JAG's Columbus Jazz Orchestra since 1980. In addition to being the recipient of numerous awards, Breithaupt is an artist/endorser and consultant for the Yamaha Corporation, Sabian Ltd. and Remo Inc. and has his own signature drum line.  

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      Red Nienkirchen

      An adjunct instructor at Capital since 2009, Red Nienkirchen has enjoyed a successful career of more than 30 years as a producer, composer and arranger in New York City. He has worked with numerous advertising agencies, commercial music houses, television networks, film production companies and record companies, and produced countless studio sessions with the best performers in New York City. As the industry demanded, he scored and recorded styles, from commercial and pop to jazz, rock and classical, in a variety of instrumental settings, from small ensembles to orchestras.

      Nienkirchen's most recent accomplishment is working with Big Idea Entertainment, LLC, an American Christian animation production company best known for its computer-animated Veggie Tales series, to compose and orchestrate the music for the new movie, Celery Night Fever.

    • Living the Dream

      As a 2001 graduate of the Music Industry program, Matt Billingslea has always been able to keep his eye on the dream. Thanks to plenty of hard work and what he refers to as an interesting combination of "hustle and luck," he spent three years touring with multi-Grammy winners Lady Antebellum. He also toured with multi-platinum country star Gary Allan. Today he performs to sold-out crowds all over the world as the drummer for Grammy winner and international superstar Taylor Swift. And gives the occasional master class at Capital.

      "At Capital, I benefitted from the broad foundation they gave me as far as knowledge in theory, and also from teachers who had a lot of experience and wisdom," he said. He also recalls the summer he spent studying recording techniques at the Recording Workshop. His advice to aspiring musicians is pretty straightforward: "Don't be discouraged, but be prepared for the ups and downs. If you want it bad enough, you can find a way."