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Music Student Orientation
  • Conservatory Orientation Program
    Thursday, August 21 – Sunday, August 24, 2014

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    Please bookmark this page and check it regularly for updates, so that we can help you make an easy transition to life at Capital and the Conservatory of Music. Should you have any questions about Conservatory Orientation, please contact the Conservatory at 614-236-6411 or by email.

    Who is required to attend Conservatory Orientation?

    All first-year students and transfer students are required to attend, if you are majoring in:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology (you did not audition on an instrument)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Music (you auditioned)
    • Bachelor of Music (you auditioned)

    When Does Conservatory Orientation Begin?

    The Thursday before school begins along with University Orientation.

    » Download the tentative Conservatory Student Orientation Schedule (PDF)

    Life in the Conservatory of Music

    Music is an intense and time-consuming major. It takes a while to transition from being a high school musician to a college musician. Music changes from being an important but extracurricular activity to being the epicenter of your academic life.

    The Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts in Music degrees require several very specialized academic music classes, such as music theory, music literature, and world music, as well as private lessons and ensemble participation. (Note: These courses are not required in the BAPS-Tech degree.) Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology students (those who did not audition on an instrument) and their parents will be able to sit in on a live recording session while the BM and BA Music students deal with their special classes.

    Conservatory Orientation will help first-year students, transfer students, and their parents to make this transition as successfully as possible.

    The combined Conservatory and University Orientation events do more than just acquaint you with the school. They provide a detailed understanding of what it takes to be a music student in a liberal arts university and help you to make the transition from being a high school musician or a student from another university to being successful at studying music as an academic subject at Capital and prepare you for a lifelong career in music.

    Though the schedule may seem hectic, you will learn the ins and outs of being a Conservatory major at Capital and get a great start on your transition from music student to professional musician. Below are several documents that will also help you to get off to a good start.

    More Helpful Documents (PDF format)