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BM Music Technology Program Overview

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    An overview of the program including course requirements and career paths.

    An interactive look at our music technology facilities as well as a list of our current equipment.;

    A sampling of our current and past students work, internships, and employment.


  • NASM accredited degree program

    Program Overview

    The Bachelor of Music in Music Technology degree offers a hands-on practical education of audio, media, live, and music production.  The diverse curriculum prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, from recording groups in traditional recording studios, to editing sound effects for video and film, to live sound production with national touring acts.


    Career Options

    • Music Producer
    • Audio Engineer
    • Studio
      • Film
      • Television
      • Video
      • Internet
      • Radio
      • Sports
    • Mastering Engineer
    • Live Sound Engineer
      • Concerts
      • Clubs
      • Theaters
      • Churches
      • Sports

    • Multimedia Producer 
    • Multimedia Designer 
    • Film/Media Composer
    • Music Technology Sales
    • Music Technology Marketing
    • Educational Music Technology Specialist
    • Music Lab Manager
    • Music Lab Technician
    • Audio/Video Technician
    • Sound Designer
    • Sound Editor
    • Audio Software Programmer
    • Maintenance and Repair Technician
    • Recording Studio Technology Specialist

    This degree combines a strong understanding of audio production fundamentals with a traditional study of music and performance.Students entering this program have often developed skills in music through past experiences performing in high school band and choir, taking private lessons, and participating in other music-related events.


    After a successful audition into the Conservatory of Music, Bachelor of Music in Music Technology students will complete coursework in both Music Technology and the Conservatory’s Music Core Curriculum.  Below is a list of courses required for the BM: Music Technology degree.

     View a 4-year plan for B.M. Music Technology (PDF)

    Music Technology courses:

    • Production & History of Electronic Music
    • Intro to Audio Electronics and Recording Techniques
    • Intermediate Recording Techniques
    • Advanced Recording Techniques
    • Team Recording
    • Sound Reinforcement Seminar
    • Electronic Composition Workshop
    • Recording Workshop:  Core Program
    • Recording Workshop:  Advanced Program
    • Music Technology Internship
    • Television Production
    • Advanced Television Production
    • Music for Media
    • Music Industry Applied Activities
    • Music Technology Survey
    • ¥Music Law and Business Practices

    Conservatory of Music Core courses:

    • One-Hour Private Lesson (first four sem.)
    • Half-Hour Private Lesson  (Recital sem.)
    • Half-Hour Recital
    • Major and Minor Ensembles 
    • Music Literature I & II
    • Class Keyboard I & II
    • Jazz/Contemporary Keyboard I
    • World Music Lab
    • Musicianship/Audiation I-IV
    • Beginning Conducting
    • History of Jazz/Pop Music or History of Western Art Music II

    University General Education Courses

    Please visit the online course bulletin for more information on the required University General Education courses.  

    Professional Semester

    The Professional Semester is an off-campus experience that occurs in the third year of the Music Technology program. Students spend the first half of the semester at the world-renowned Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH.  After this invaluable experience, students spend the remainder of the semester completing a Music Technology Internship.


    Capital University also offers the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies: Music Technology degree.This degree does not require an audition and is designed for students that may not have had traditional music experiences in the past, or may be interested in pursuing other paths with a minor in an outside field.When it comes to Music Technology, the coursework is identical between the two degrees.


  • For more information about Capital's Music Technology degrees, contact:  

    Chad Loughrige

    Music Technology Area, Head

    (614) 236-6291