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    • Volunteering with the White House Press

      Amber Thomas
      By Amber Thomas ’16, Communications/PR major

      Excitement and anxiousness filled the air Tuesday afternoon, November 1, 2016, as Capital University served as the venue for President Barack Obama`s “Get Out the Early Vote” event. About 6,000 people filed into the Capital Field House and Performance Arena, but a select few showed up hours before the event and worked behind the scenes. Lucky enough, I was one of several Capital students who got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the White House press.

      This event was an amazing opportunity not just for the University, but also for students who have a love and interest in working in the communication field and with the community. This volunteering opportunity was like no other. Within just hours of meeting with the White House Advance Associate Tony Sermonti, we were hands-on and entrusted with great responsibility including meeting, credentialing and taking care of everyone from the local high school newspapers to national and international press. The day even allowed us a chance to learn some dos and don’ts of working in the media. Looking to my left and right, it was amazing to meet and speak with the people I see every day on my television screen.

      In the riveting speech President Obama gave to the crowd he said, “The core promise of this country -- the idea that if you work hard, your work will be rewarded.” After a hard day’s work, I was rewarded by getting the chance to take pictures, video and enjoy the speech among some of the most prestigious press nationally and internationally. The crowd fed off of the president's energy creating a breathtaking atmosphere. If I had to make a recipe for the perfect speech it would be the audience from Tuesday and President Obama's charisma being the main ingredient making this an experience I will never forget!