Oral Communication FAQ for Faculty and Staff
  • How should I use the videos?

    The speech sample videos can be used in two ways. First, you can use the full video without annotation as a sample grading video. Second, you can use the annotated versions to help you understand elements of structure and delivery.

    How do I teach these skills to students?

    Throughout this site you will find materials to help you instruct the students – guides to what they learn in UC120, sample assignments, and much more!

    Do I need to use the whole rubric?

    You can choose “N/A” on any line, meaning that element is not applicable to the speech you are evaluating. You can also work with a member of the assessment team to modify the rubric for your own use.

    What kind of assignments are appropriate?

    All kinds of speaking situations are appropriate for use with the rubric. Traditionally, extemporaneous formal presentations are the most common.

    Do you have some example assignments?

    Absolutely! See the “OC in Your Course Design” section of the site.

    How will I get my data?

    Approximately a week after you submit your scantrons for processing, you will receive a response via email with the analysis of your data.

    Where do I get scantron sheets?


    Do I need to train every year?

    It is essential that you refresh your skills at the start of each semester. We will be offering short “brush-up” workshops for this purpose.

    Are the skills appropriate for all classes?

    Yes. The skills taught in UC120 and reflected throughout this site are the components of effective public speaking.