Success Stories in Oral Communication
  • In this section you will find descriptions of some of the ways that your colleagues are using oral communication and OC assessment in their courses.

    CASE 1

    In business, giving effective presentations is an essential skill. The School of Management and Leadership set a goal that students would have a high level of oral communication skills. Faculty used the oral communication rubric to evaluate undergraduate and graduate students. The initial results were dismal. A plan was developed to provide students with the rubric, use the rubric in specific points throughout the program, and coach students on oral communication skills. The next results were much improved. SOM faculty strived for even better results. To do this, they targeted specific classes for intensified feedback and mandatory student viewing of video-taped presentations. After watching themselves, students in these classes must submit a self-evaluation. Consistently, they report that observing themselves speak is a highly effective tool for improvement. They are often hesitant to watch the recordings, noting that it can be painful, but they concede that it helps them to develop in ways that other feedback does not.