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Opportunities for Sociology and Criminology

  • Community Partnerships for Education

    Students are encouraged to combine theory and practice through participation in supervised internships, volunteer experiences and service-based learning. We build community partnerships with private and public agencies, local and state government, business and industry and a variety of health care and research settings including:

    • psychiatric hospitals and outpatient mental health clinics;
    • adult and juvenile correctional sites (jails, prisons and detention centers);
    • facilities for the treatment of autism, mental retardation and developmental disabilities;
    • personnel and human resource departments in local companies;
    • law enforcement agencies (police and sheriff's departments);
    • private and corporate security agencies (private detective agencies, security companies specializing in white-collar crime and loss prevention);
    • nursing homes, elder-care programs and Alzheimer's treatment units;
    • research laboratories (centers for sleep medicine, neuropsychology, and traumatic brain injury);
    • day-care centers and early intervention programs for at-risk children and families;
    • sports and performance psychology clinics; and
    • advocacy groups, law practices and local and state government agencies.