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Organizatonal Communication Major
  • The Communication Major with an emphasis in Organizational Communication stresses both performative and analytical skills within systematic contexts. A substantial focus upon an applied area is included. Our goals are to develop an appreciation for and understanding of: (1) the historical development of the field of organizational communication, (2) the especially complex nature of human interaction when it takes place within an organization, and (3) the role that communication plays in helping the individual interpret, modify, control and adjust to the organizational environment. 

    The Organizational Communication emphasis begins with a core of communication courses supplemented by courses in behavioral science and business.

    Established areas of emphasis are: conflict management/human resources, corporate video, training and development, public administration/community services, international/intercultural facilitation and assessment and audit techniques.

    Course requirements for majors and minors in the Department of Communication can be found in our online course bulletin.

    As a Communication Major with an emphasis in Organizational Communication, you will experience:

    • Individualized attention allowing you to tailor your degree to the specific area of business, government, or nonprofit activity you select
    • Experiential learning connecting you to corporations and/or government agencies for hands-on learning
    • Portfolio development demonstrating your communication competencies in organizational communication to assist you in job seeking following graduation


    Students are strongly encouraged to build their portfolio by including internships in their regular course load. In the past our students have worked with the following corporations:

    • Eddie Bauer
    • Lord, Sullivan & Yoder Advertising
    • Green Corps
    • State of Ohio (Ohio Expositions Center)
    • Kentucky Fried Chicken Inc.
    • United Parcel Service
    • Capital University Admission Office

    Careers and Placement

    Graduates may choose from careers in marketing, management, human resources, training, public administration, facilitation, research and development, and event planning, as well as being well prepared for graduate study in interpersonal communication, organizational communication, law and rhetoric.