Orientation FAQ

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    What happens at Summer Orientation?

    Students and their guests will be introduced to all aspects of campus life. During morning rotations, students and their guests will attend sessions together and after lunch, students and guests will attend sessions specifically for each audience.

    How do I know what date I’m scheduled to attend?

    After you registered for your summer date, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. This email will explain all of the next steps and things for you to do to prepare for your Summer Orientation date. Please hold on to this email! If you haven't received a confirmation or don't know if we received your registration, please email the Office of Student and Community Engagement at Note that orientation dates are limited to a total of 130 students and their guests and are filled on a first come, first served basis.

    How long will I be at orientation?

    Check-in will begin at 8:30am at the Harry C. Moores Student Union, located at 745 Pleasant Ridge, Columbus, Ohio 43209. The day’s events will run until about 5pm.

    Where should I stay when I come to orientation?

    If your trip to Capital will include an overnight stay, please check out this list of local hotels and other things to do while in town.

    Do my parents have to attend?

    We highly encourage students to bring their parents or family members as we have programming throughout the day specifically designed for them. Parents and family members experience a lot of change when students go to college and we are here to help the whole family with the transition. If you’d like to bring more than 2 guests, please reach out to us at

    Why do I need to complete the Language Assessment?

    All incoming students will take a language placement test during Summer Orientation. This placement test helps ensure that all students are placed in the correct level. Even if your major does not require a foreign language, you may choose to take a foreign language to fulfill elective credits.

    What do I do if I want to double major?

    We encourage students to explore different majors and minors. Our faculty members, who also serve as Academic Advisors, will be able to answer your questions about different combinations of majors and minors that will best help you accomplish your goals.

    What should I do to prepare for scheduling?

    When you come to Summer Orientation, you will meet with an Academic Advisor in your major (or a faculty member specially trained to worked with undeclared majors) to finalize your class schedule. Before you arrive, our faculty will work to pre-arrange some classes for you. Of course, you can work with your Advisor to adjust these if needed. Remember to tell your Advisor at Summer Orientation if you are a student-athlete or a member of ROTC.

    What do I do about post-secondary/dual-degree/AP/IB credits?

    We probably won’t receive your post-secondary/dual-degree/AP/IB credits until late July. While you are here for Summer Orientation, you will choose classes with your Academic Advisor, and then if those need to be adjusted later in the summer based on your post-secondary/AP/IB credits, we will work with you to do that. You can learn more here.

    What do I need to bring?

    Bring your energy and enthusiasm! You may also want to bring something to help you take notes during sessions. You can also bring any forms that you need to turn in.

    What should I wear?

    Please dress comfortably and in layers. You will be walking around campus and buildings may be different temperatures based on air conditioning in each. Check out the weather before you head to Capital in case you need an umbrella for a rain shower.

    Can I bring forms with me?

    Yes! We can take any forms that you need to turn in at check-in or any time throughout the day. Just give them to our Orientation Leaders and they will make sure it gets to the appropriate office.

    Can I meet with Disability Services during my orientation?

    You may not be able to meet with Dr. Speakman, the Director of Disability Services, during your Summer Orientation day, but you can arrange a meeting or phone call with her prior to the start of school. To schedule a meeting or call, give us a call at 614-236-6611 or email us at Learn more about the Office of Disability Services at Capital.

    What do I do if I turn in my housing intent form, then meet the roommate of my dreams at orientation?

    Please email with your information (first name, last name, and your 7 digit student ID number), and let us know that you’ve already filled out the Housing Intent Form but want to add a preferred roommate! Because all roommate requests must be mutual, your new dream roommate will need to also email to confirm Be sure to tell us the name of your preferred roommate and have them indicate you on their email to us as well.

    My parents want to buy me items for my room for graduation. What am I allowed to bring to campus?

    Thanks for asking! Here is a great list of approved items.

    What technology/computer will I need?

    You can find all the answers to your Information Technology questions here. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our IT team at

    When can I expect my housing assignment?

    Housing assignments will be sent to your Capital email address and to your home address mid-July.

    How should I handle outside scholarships?

    If you have any outside scholarships, congratulations! Please send an email to to make sure that our Financial Aid team includes the scholarship(s) in your award package.

    When will I receive my bill and how do I pay it?

    Bills for tuition, room and board will be sent out July 11, 2016. Payment is due by August 12, 2016. You have several options for paying your bill. Choose the one best for you here.

    Is there a fee for Summer Orientation?

    No! We are excited to welcome you and two guests to our Summer Orientation experience. If you need to bring more than two guests, please contact us at for assistance.