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Code of Conduct and Judicial Issues
  • The core mission of the university is to prepare students for vocational service to society.


    Preservation of academic freedom and free and open exchange of ideas and opinions for all members of the university are central to these missions.

     The Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity is meant to:

    • Foster and protect the core missions of the university
    • Encourage the scholarly and civic development of students in a safe and secure learning environment
    • Protect the people, properties and processes that support the university and its missions


    For a comprehensive understanding of university policies and procedures, please review the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.


    We encourage you to read all policies and procedures as we hold our students accountable for community standards and expectations for responsible behavior.

    Disciplinary Guide for Parents (PDF)
    Capital's Judicial Affairs office provides this guide for parents. This information will help parents understand the university's role and responsibilities in maintaining a safe and productive environment for our students.

    Disciplinary Guide for Attorneys  (PDF)
    This guide can help families and their legal representives navigate the university's judicial process, should they need that information.