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Living on Campus
  • We know the concern parents feel for their children. Our Residence Life and Housing team promotes a quality living environment which supports and challenges students as they transition through the freedoms and responsibilities of community living. We use a community approach so students can help determine their living and learning environment.

    Our housing policy, which requires all students to live on campus in residence halls for two years or until they have academic junior credit status the semester previous (unless they live with their parents within 60 miles of Capital or request an exception), is based on our educational philosophy. The experience of group living enhances growth and development, values-clarification, academic performance and engagement in college.


    Living with a roommate helps your son or daughter learn life skills that prepare them for life beyond college. Our goal is to help residents negotiate, problem solve, compromise and work together to create a shared living environment where respect and civility are the most important outcomes. We understand that many students have not shared a room at home, and we know that living with someone involves developing a set of skills that that may be challenging. To achieve this goal, we will support residents as they work hard at these new skills.

    Residence Hall Computer Facilities

    Each residence hall contains a computer lab that includes PC/Windows computers. These computers are connected to the campus network and the Internet, allowing access to email, campus servers and the Web. In addition, each residence hall facility room has wireless network access for residents who wish to connect their personal computer to the campus system. The recommended computer configurations may help determine the usefulness of a current computer on the Capital University campus.

    Dining on Campus

    All first-year students living on campus are required to be on a 225-meal dining plan. The 225 plan is a full-service dining plan. Upperclass students who live in the residence halls have the option of purchasing a 225-, a 175- or 125-meal plan. Juniors and seniors can purchase any of the plans or a 75-meals per semester plan. Each plan carries flex points allowing students to use a variety of dining areas on campus. Since apartments have full kitchens, residents of these facilities are not obligated to purchase a meal plan, but have the option of purchasing any plan and many do so. Students’ residential ID card allows students access to the dining facilities. Capital is served by Parkhurst Dining Services.

    Learn more about our dining options.

    Parkhurst Dining Services also provides the From Home with Love program to help make your student’s birthdays, holidays, and study breaks more delicious.

    Commuter Students: Living at Home

    Parents of commuter students should encourage involvement in campus life. We urge students who live off campus to purchase a meal plan, allowing them a discount in the Capital Court, Crusader Club and Cru Brew Cafe.

    A special lounge was created in the Campus Center as a place for commuter students to eat, relax or study. Another lounge located across from the Cru Brew in Saylor-Ackermann serves as an alternate destination to meet friends, relax and study. Students who live off campus may reach many campus information resources (e.g., e-mail, Blackboard, Web Advisor) through accounts with local Internet service provider. Commuter students are permitted to park in “S” lots, which are located on the campus of Capital University.