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Department of Political Science
  • It’s an exciting time to be involved in politics. AM radio and cable TV are full of debate on immigration reform and freedom of the press. The Web is changing the face of campaign fundraising and political discourse.

    Are you eager to make your mark?

    With a political science degree from Capital, you can build the skills, knowledge and perspective you need to work in law, government or the non-profit world.


    Political Science - Public Administration Major
    International Studies Major
    Political Science Major with Education Licensure  
    Economics Major 


    Political Science
    International Studies

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    About Our Program

    At Capital, political science is a flexible discipline. You can tailor your degree to your specific interests by:

    • Choosing one of several related majors (political science, public administration, international studies, or economics-political science
    • Choosing one of three tracks within the political science major
    • Adding a minor


     Do you plan to use political science as a stepping stone to law school <link to political-science-law>? Lots of students do. And by coming to Capital for your political science degree, you can greatly improve your chances of law school admission.

    As a political science major at Capital, you will:

    • Build a deep understanding of political philosophy; government institutions, processes and procedures; and public and non-profit administration
    • Develop the critical-thinking and analysis skills you’ll need to get accepted to law school
    • Learn how values enrich the public marketplace of ideas
    • Learn how ethics contribute to the health of our political system

    Political science is all about learning, discussing and debating the issues. And our program’s small class sizes facilitate this kind of learning. Even in lecture classes, students speak up. Forums and panel discussions help keep things lively.

    Outside the classroom setting, you’ll have even more opportunities for applying in-class learning. Capital’s Columbus location makes it the perfect place to study the way governments work in the real world.


    Our political science professors have years of teaching and publishing experience under their belts. Their academic interests range from public administration to African-American economic development.
    The further you go in our program, the more your own interests and career goals will evolve. Through regular face-to-face meetings, your faculty adviser will get to know you and make sure you’re getting the courses and opportunities you need for your chosen career.

    Capital’s political science faculty members have been recognized for outstanding advising and teaching skills with Cotterman and Praestantia Awards, two of Capital highest honors.

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