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Pre-Law Program
  • Capital University prides itself in having built a strong undergraduate program that prepares students for success in law school and, a few years later, for success in the legal profession. Over the years, hundreds of Capital graduates have gone on to attend law schools around the country, including Capital, Ohio Northern, Ohio State, Syracuse, Georgetown, Case Western, New York, Valparaiso, Wake Forest, Indiana and Duke universities.

    Law school admission offices typically are not as interested in specific majors as they are in having students with critical reasoning skills and excellent communication skills.

    Through the General Education courses, Capital students receive a strong liberal arts background as recommended by the American Bar Association for admission to law school.

    With the 12-course core, a major of the student's choice, some wisely chosen electives, and considerable study and effort, pre-law students from Capital usually do well on the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and continue to do well once they are enrolled in a juris doctor program.

    Internships, open houses and special preparation for taking law school entrance exams are just some of the ways Capital readies its undergraduates for the rigors and rewards of law school. The university's Columbus location gives pre-law students the added benefits of Ohio's capital and largest city, as well as opportunities in state government.


    While Capital's pre-law program is coordinated by the political science department, students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to explore the possibility of attending law school.

    Capital's strong liberal arts emphasis, coupled with the General Education goals and internship opportunities, provides students with the educational skills they will need to do well in their law school studies.

    Capital's pre-law students will develop:

    • Strong oral and written communication skills. Since language is a lawyer's primary tool, the ability to speak and write well is a prerequisite for a successful legal career. Excellent reading comprehension and reading speed also are considered necessary skills for students preparing to enter law school and the legal profession.
    • Creative, critical and analytical thinking skills. Reason and logic are two of the skills a lawyer must use every day to develop viable arguments and arrived at conclusions.
    • A knowledge of the institutions and values of society. A necessary component of a pre-law education is understanding the context in which the law operates. This also becomes vital to understanding the society we live in, the history of law and the structure of law.

    Well-Chosen Electives Round Out Our Program

    The pre-law program at Capital University is designed to give the student a wide variety of course options through the selection of electives.

    A number of those electives will be somewhat mandated by the student's major. Others will be left up to the discretion of the student and the faculty advisor.

    The following is are examples of some of the electives recommended for pre-law students that may help build on the skills they will need in law school or in the legal profession:

    • Advanced Writing
    • Business Writing or News writing
    • Argumentation and Debate
    • Philosophy – Logic
    • Introduction to Political Economy
    • U.S. History
    • American Government
    • American Law – Early and Modern
    • Introduction to Public Policy
    • Principles of Criminology
    • Public Administration
    • Criminal Justice System
    • State and Local Government

    Early Preparation Vital in Planning for Law School

    Law school may seem like a long way off to an undergraduate, but when it comes to getting into the juris doctor program of your choice, the earlier you start to plan, the better. Capital University provides students in its pre-law program with the following information and services:

    • Pre-law advising throughout the undergraduate years to tailor a program that best suits the student's individual needs and interests. Many of Capital's departments have pre-law advisers.
    • Internships with a variety of different government agencies, private legal practices and individuals give students a firsthand look at possible careers after graduation.
    • Access to Law School Admission Council
    • An annual law school open house is held, featuring faculty from the Capital University Law School, as well as current law school students and former Capital undergraduates who were in the pre-law program. From personal experiences they are able to explain what law school students can realistically expect regarding admission procedures, study requirements, course work and time management.
    • Mock LSATs given under actual testing circumstances, scored and reviewed.
    • Information files from law schools around the country regarding admission criteria and procedures.

    Pre-Law Club

    Hands-on intern experience invaluable: Juniors and seniors are encouraged to participate in one of the many off-campus internships available to Capital's pre-law students. Hands-on internship experience as an undergraduate not only helps students get admitted to the law school of their choice, but it also makes a good impression on potential employers.

    Capital students have participated in internships on local, national and international levels with the following individuals, agencies and organizations:

    • Private Law Practices
    • Ohio Governor's Office
    • Canton Public Defender's Office
    • Senators and Representatives for the State and Country
    • Secretary of State, Ohio
    • International Trade Consulting Firm
    • Agri-Export Assistance Group, Ohio Department of Development
    • Franklin County Night Prosecutor's Office
    • Ohio Department of Transportation
    • Ohio Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
    • U.S. Department of State, International Organization Division, Washington, D.C.
    • Amnesty International, Washington, D.C.
    • Jamaican Department of Justice, Kingston, Jamaica
    • House of Commons, United Kingdom, London, England