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Rebounders Club
  • The Capital University men's basketball page is now located here, on Capital's new athletics website. 

  • The Capital Rebounders Club is an organization that allows former players, alumni, fans and friends of the Capital men's basketball program an opportunity to help financially, supporting the program's standard of excellence we have come to expect.



    If you are interested in making a contribution, you can donate online (designate to Other and type "Men's Basketball - Rebounders Club") or send a check made payable to the Capital Rebounders Club through the mail to:

    Capital University
    c/o Men's Basketball - Rebounders Club
    1 College and Main
    Columbus, Ohio 43209

    If you have any questions contact Damon Goodwin at (614) 236-6913 or e-mail him at dgoodwin@capital.edu 

    Capital Rebounders Club Members

    Darryl and Susie Alexander
    Tyler Alexander
    Brian Alge
    John and Becky Alge/Save-A-Lot
    Pat and Mary Allen
    Keith Armstrong
    Dennis Asp
    John and Linda Bean
    Jake and Holly Beck
    Deborah and Walter Beever
    Fred and Mary Bernlohr
    Mark Bernlohr
    Robert and Carol Bernlohr
    Dr. Louis and Mary Bernlohr Cunningham
    Jim Biddle
    Cory Blackson
    Dr. Richard and Marye Boyd
    Don and Vivian Broehm
    Rick and Joyce Brown
    John and Marilyn Brugler
    Joe Calverio/Home Field Advantage
    Capital Basketball Camp, Inc
    Mike Carr/Mike Carr Insurance
    Michael Carr
    Dave and Gisele Cecutti
    Bernard Cellar
    Chad and Shannon Coconis
    Tony Coplen/First Ohio Home Finance
    The Cotton Exchange
    Jim Dafler
    Roger and Jeannine Davis
    Drew and Danielle Davie
    Jim and Katie Denner
    Mark Denner
    Jeffrey Dietz
    R.W. Donnally
    Dr. Lester Drewes
    Tom and Mary Dunson
    Todd and Kim Ebbrecht
    Walt Eccard
    John & Abbi Ellenwood
    Dr. Willard Emch
    Ray Eubanks
    Brent Fahle
    Dale and Gretchen Falknor
    Mark Fenton
    Gary and Joann Fettrow
    Maj. Don Forsyth
    Bob Fraas
    Robert Freemeyer
    Chuck and Susan Gaskill
    Doug and Marilyn Geckeler
    James and Miriam Geist
    Bob and Nancy Ginn
    David Glazier
    Damon and Danielle Goodwin
    Emma Jane Goodwin
    Terrence A. Grady and Associates
    Dr. Richard and Norma Grimm
    Dave and Becky Grube
    Dick Guyer
    Russell and Amy Hall
    Cort Hamilton
    Eric and Jodi Hanna
    Dick and Mona Hartmann
    Carol Heine
    Paul and Kristen Hershberger
    Donald Hoenie
    Charlie and Nancy Howard
    Hoenie Insurance Agency
    Mike and Robin Holweger
    Mark Humrichouser/The JAE Company
    Paul Hunt/HER Realtors
    Adam Johns
    William Jones
    Don and Christine Kalb
    Bob Kavanagh
    Steve and Kathy Keller
    Cathryn and Robert Kerr
    Chuck and Patricia Kessler
    Steve and Kay Kick
    Rev. Fred and Doris Klopfer
    Rev. Paul and Elizabeth Klopfer
    Steve Kyser
    Tom and Ann Lanier
    Dr. David and Bette Lauer
    Barry Longhino
    Jeff and Cheryl McGrath
    Keith and Kara Mendenhall
    Keith and Sue Merrin
    Robert and Margaret Miller
    Alan Mittermaier
    Tim and Leslie Moore
    Tim Mueller
    Joe and Cheryl Niekamp
    Ross Niekamp
    Brett Obrovac
    Dick Ott
    Duane and Ruth Pelkey
    Benjy and Jenny Pester
    Gerald and Mary Phillips
    Mark and Janice Phillips
    Planks Café (Parsons Ave.)
    Mike and Sarah Potts
    John Pride
    Fred Radloff
    Harold "Whitey" Regan
    Rudy and Shirley Rice
    Don and Laureen Ruberg
    Tony Ruberg
    Rusty Bucket
    Bill Sayre
    Sharon Scales
    Tyler Schleich
    Marcia Scherocman
    Mark and Pauline Shaw
    Thomas and Margaret Sixt
    Pastor Daniel Snider
    Francis and Janet Stafford
    Doug Stiverson
    Mark and Alba Stolly/Stolly Insurance
    Adam and Stephanie Stolly
    Jedd Stucky
    Mike Stumpf/Riverstone Construction
    Ryan and Lisa Stumpf
    Rick Taylor
    Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
    Tim and Stephanie VanTilburg
    David and Nancy Veenendaal
    Don and Carolyn Wachtman
    John and Hilda Waddell
    Gary and Victoria Walters
    Robert Wiessinger
    Paul and Elsie Wietzke
    Greg Williams/Planes Moving and Storage
    Wendel Willmann
    Dottie Winter
    Beth Wiser
    Vic Wolfe/Ohio Insurance Advisors
    Robert Woodward
    John Young