Religion & Philosophy, 2008
  • Religion & Philosophy, 2008



    The Problem of Love
    Stephanie Barnes
    Mentor: Thomas J. Christenson

    Is love one thing or many things called by the same name? If there are different meanings what are their differences? Are there good reasons why different things should be called by the same name? Is romantic love real? Is it necessary or an illusion?



    The Ethics of Woman
    Amanda Probst
    Mentor: Thomas J. Christenson

    Ethical decisions are ones we find ourselves making daily whether we realize it or not, and much research has been done to discover why we make these decisions and what they say about our moral development. Lawrence Kohlberg's theory on six stages of moral development has given us insights into this phenomenon, but many have felt that it was gender biased. An important question arose out of this speculation: "Is there such a thing as the ethics of woman?" By using Kohlberg's model along with models by Immanuel Kant and Nel Noddings, I answer this question through the collection of survey data. My research shows whether or not ethical decision-making is based upon gender roles in society.



    Worship: Lutherans vs. Methodists
    Shane M. Sonnenberg, Jessica Althouse
    Mentor: Joy A. Schroeder

    Some people might think that most Protestant worship spaces would be very similar, but the doctrine and the practices of each denomination call for specific worship spaces, configurations, and furnishings. Despite similarities in many beliefs and practices, the worship spaces of Lutheran and Methodist congregations often differ in significant ways. Join us as we examine our home congregations' worship space and furnishings, discussing how and when these are used. In this poster session, we compare and contrast two different sanctuaries, showing how each of these congregational worship spaces reflects its history, traditions, beliefs, and worship styles.