Religion & Philosophy, 2010
  • Religion & Philosophy, 2010



    Advocating for Immigrant Reform and Justice
    Rachel Adkins
    Mentor: Amy Oehlschlaeger

    Under America’s current law, the immigration system creates barriers and challenges for displaced persons, refugees, and immigrants trying to establish a life in the United States. Policy makers and stakeholders need greater awareness of the issues in order to create an environment where all humans are valued and respected. We have a responsibility to advocate for change in the policies that govern immigrants’ capacity to successfully begin a future in America. Many immigrants are here because of political or religious persecution or economic challenges, but now they encounter discrimination not only by employers and schools, but by the law. We attended the Ecumenical Advocacy Days Conference in Washington, D.C., to hear how to advocate for change. We met with Congress to advocate for legislation that protects refugees, creates an easier transition for immigrants, and eliminates the displacement of families. We advocate for more just policies and legislation for immigrants and spread awareness to others about the issues. With the number of immigrants growing everyday, we must create more effective legislation. Families are divided, cultures are lost, and language barriers create great challenges. Together, we can fight the discrimination and inequality that exists within our legislative system.