• Schools and departments at Capital University
Schools and Departments
  • School of Natural Sciences, Nursing & Health

    While our major programs are diverse ranging from health education and pre-medicine to computer science and biochemistry, we are united by our common curiosity and passion about understanding the natural world and how we as individuals contribute to the common good in a diverse society.

    Research and clinical experiences also add to students' educational experience. Our approach produces professionals eager to increase our understanding of human health and the natural world.

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    School of Management & Leadership

    Number-crunchers. Trendspotters. The School of Management and Leadership teaches students skills to excel in the business world. We match intense study with real-world experience — internships at top firms and Fortune 500 corporations, and in-class consulting for local businesses.

    Students become experts in their field of study, and more well rounded through our
    liberal-arts core curriculum.

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    School of Social Sciences & Education

    We teach students to teach others. To solve conflicts. To investigate. To dive deep on important aspects of interpersonal relationships. Critical thinking, logical reasoning, oral and written communication skills, leadership and service skills, intercultural competencies, and the ability to work in diverse groups are all taught, too.

    In the School of Social Sciences & Education, we mix liberal-arts studies with pre-professional preparation. And that creates well-rounded graduates ready for the real world.

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    Conservatory of Music & School of Communication

    Creative minds find their home at the Conservatory of Music & School of Communication. We graduate composers, actors, artists, stage musicians, news anchors, directors, producers and engineers, to name a few. Others become educators or pursue degrees at the nation’s finest graduate schools.

    Students explore how the arts have developed— and where they’re headed — via theory and thorough discussion. We also host over 200 recitals yearly and offer hands-on internships to prepare students to become professionals in their chosen fields and excel among their competitors.

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    School of Humanities

    The School of Humanities is filled with diverse majors and equally divergent career possibilities. Graduates become teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, ministers, politicians, entertainers, writers and leaders in nonprofit organizations — plus countless other professions.

    But key elements unite the school’s students. Here we ask the big questions, to uncover meaning and truth. We teach students to interpret text and images, to think critically, and to communicate in a language both precise and powerful. In short, we prepare students for whatever they’ll encounter in an ever-changing world.

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    Law School

    Capital University Law School is an innovator and leader of law schools. Offering daytime and evening programs for its students, the Law School is a pioneering educator of the next generation of legal professionals.


    Capital University Law School graduates excel in their careers, whether that is private practice or public, big firm or small firm, nonprofit, government or corporate law.

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