Sociology, 2010
  • Sociology, 2010



    Vindicated: The Unsettling Problem of Domestic Abuse
    Heather Harper
    Mentor: Beckett Broh

    Through literature, film, broadcast, and art, society is familiar with the concept of abuse. It has been portrayed as something that is not the right thing to do, much like stealing or cheating. Mass media provide attention to domestic violence cases of celebrities. But, what if its happening next door, at your neighbor’s house, or even in the dorm next to you? Domestic abuse happens daily, but it is not always labeled as abuse. This study uses images and music clips put together in a picture documentary to elicit awareness about the problem of domestic abuse. I conducted a literature review of domestic abuse. I spoke to three survivors of domestic abuse, one abuser, and various advocates of stopping domestic abuse. Not only is domestic abuse a widespread and rising problem, it is also prevalent in Ohio. It is common that domestic abuse is often associated with physical abuse. There are other types of abuse, even some that are more common than physical abuse. I discuss the definition of domestic abuse and its implications in Ohio and on Capital’s campus. I also discuss what society can do to facilitate social change on this subject.



    Assessing Unwanted Sexual Experiences Among Students at Capital University
    Karrie Rench, Elizabeth Koch
    Mentor: Beckett Broh, Suzanne Marilley, Cynthia Duncan

    Sexual assault occurs on college campuses at alarming rates. Additionally, misconceptions about what constitutes sexual assault and who is at risk are common. The purpose of this study was to examine these issues at Capital University. A survey questionnaire was administered to a randomly selected sample of traditional undergraduate students and measured the prevalence of sexual assault and knowledge about it. Analyses examined the relationship between sexual assault rates and beliefs related to sexual assault. Furthermore, we examined how factors such as gender, Greek affiliation, and athletic participation were associated with these outcomes. We expected to find that 12-15% of respondents have experienced some form of sexual assault and that students who have experienced sexual assault are more likely to be female, affiliated with Greek organizations, or participate in athletics. Our presentation reveals the implications of unwanted sexual experiences and its importance at Capital University.



    Evaluating the Impact of an Intervention on Childhood Obesity in the Lancaster City School District
    Adam J. Schneider
    Mentor: Beckett Broh

    According to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, one in three children is overweight or obese. Obesity is the leading cause of certain diseases, the most prominent being type II diabetes. In order to prevent such diseases in children, the obesity rate must be reduced. This can be done by simultaneously reducing access to unhealthy foods and making nutritious food readily available, encouraging children to participate regularly in physical activity, and creating policy that fosters these changes. The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of the causes of childhood obesity and the current treatments being used. It also serves as the first stage of a larger project intended to improve the health of students in the Lancaster City School District by developing an intervention program and assessing its impact. Research was done on several studies that examined the issue of childhood obesity. Results were compared and contrasted to see where their recommendations were similar. Through the Clinton Global Initiative University conference, I received professional assistance to further develop my project. The results of this research identify and evaluate interventions in various school systems across the country for the purpose of providing the most effective options for use in the Lancaster City School District.