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Department of Sociology and Criminology
  • The department of sociology and criminology at Capital University provides majors and minors and seeks to foster in students a commitment to scientific learning built on a strong foundation in the study of society and crime.

    In advancing the above, students will engage in scientific thinking, study, and understanding of:

    • social, cultural, gender, ethnic, and racial dimensions of diversity;
    • scientific thinking, research, and reasoning;
    • analytical and critical thinking skills and ethical approaches to knowledge formation, research, and professional pursuits;
    • theoretical, methodological, and statistical literacy, including social research and the ability to generalize scientifically grounded results; and
    • express their knowledge through effective oral and written communication.

    Majors and Minors

    Sociology major  

    Criminology major  

    Sociology minor  

    Criminology minor 

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    Mission Statement for Sociology and Criminology

    Grounding in the liberal arts tradition is essential preparation for a strong undergraduate major and minor in sociology that prepares students for continued engagement with the world, social and civic responsibility, and the pursuit of graduate study and lifelong learning.;