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Student Email
  • Your email is about to get better.

    Capital is partnering with Microsoft to deliver an improved email service for our students that includes:


    • 25 GB email inbox - that's more than 300 times your current size limit. 
    • New look for webmail 
    • Customizable email appearance 
    • Access to your inbox from your phone or mobile device  



    All student mailboxes will be upgraded over the 2013 summer break for the Bexley campus and Christmas break for law students.  

    There are no plans to move faculty and staff email to the new service at this time.


    Why is Capital changing the email system for students?

    When Microsoft began offering Office 365, we realized that this service provided far more features than our current technology could reasonably deliver.

    Will I be able to keep all of my old email?

    Yes. After your mailbox has been migrated all of your email, calendar events, tasks, and folders will be available in the new system.

    Will I be able to check my Capital email from my mobile device?

    Yes, but the instructions for configuring your mobile device have changed. 

    How will I get to my new mailbox?

    You will access your new mailbox by going to and logging in with your same username and password.

    What happens to the old webmail system?

    The current webmail system will still be in use by faculty and staff.  If you visit the old system at and attempt to log in, you will be provided with a link to the login page for the new system.

    What happens if I forget my password?

    You can continue to use to reset or change your password.


     What if I'm forwarding my mail to another mailbox, or I have other rules set up?

    Any rules you currently have set up in your mail preferences, including rules that forward your mail to another account, will be transferred to the new system.