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Student Social Workers Association

  • Student Social Workers Association Constitution

    Article I


    The name of the organization shall be Student Social Work Association.

    Article II


    The purpose of this organization shall be:

    1. To help prepare members to bridge the gap from academics to the application of social work.
    2. To increase knowledge and awareness by attending and promoting seminars, workshops, etc.
    3. To provide an organization to students for involvement in social work activities.
    4. To sponsor humanitarian activities within the community and to advocate on behalf of meaningful causes.

    Article III


    The objectives of this organization are:

    1. To maintain a line of communication within the Social Work Program.
    2. To encourage student membership and participation in professional organizations such as the National Association of Social Workers, and the Council on Social Work Education.
    3. To assist in orienting freshman and new students to the Social Work Program and its philosophy.
    4. To plan and coordinate student activities on and off campus.

    Article IV


    The membership of this organization shall be composed of:

    1. No size limitation.
    2. Regular membership should be limited to Social Work Major and Minor students and the Social Work Program faculty of Capital University.
    3. Honorary memberships will be voted on and awarded by current organization members
    4. Membership for non-social work majors will be considered per individual request and ratified by the governing body.

    Article V

    Governing Body

    Section 1 - Description

    1. The organization shall be governed by nine members; a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, historian, and class representatives (two from each class-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior-one representing the traditional students and one representing the CLL students).
    2. A slate of officers will be developed in the spring semester of each year and presented during elections, which will also be held at the end of the spring semester.
    3. All members of the governing body shall be elected by a majority vote.
    4. Officers shall serve for one year and may be eligible for re-election.
    5. Newly elected officers will take office at the beginning of the immediate semester following the spring semester elections.
    6. The governing body shall select standing committees as appropriate for the functioning of the organization.

     Section 2 - Board of Directors  

    1. The officers, together with the faculty advisor(s), shall constitute a Board of Directors with the authority to transact the business of the organization.
    2. Vacancies among the officers or directors shall be filled by election through the Board of Directors; such officers to serve until the next annual election.

    Article VI


    A Social Work faculty member (designated by the Departmental Chairperson) shall serve as adviser to the organization.

    Article VII


    The meetings shall follow these regulations:

    1. Regular student organization meetings shall be held bi-monthly or at the discretion of the officers.
    2. The President has the authority to call emergency or special meetings of the full membership as needed or deemed necessary.
    3. The Board of Directors is required to meet at least once per month during the fall and spring semesters.
    4. The Board of Directors reserves the right to call emergency meetings and vote on emergency issues as needed.

    Article VIII


    Section 1 - Procedure

    Proposed amendments to this constitution may be presented in writing to the governing body two weeks before they are brought up for adoption or they may be presented during regular meetings of the organization.

    Section 2 - Ratification

    This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the membership of the organization (majority, for this purpose, is defined as those members that are present at the meeting at which the amendment is being voted on.)

    Article VIII

    Officers' Duties

    Section 1 – President

    The president shall call and preside over all meetings of the governing body and the general membership. He/she should represent the Student Social Work Association to other campus organizations and should have the responsibility for coordinating program planning and elections. The president is expected to attend Social Work faculty meetings and meetings of the Community Advisory Board, as time and class schedule permits.

    Section 2 – Vice President

    The vice president shall assume the duties of the president in his/her absence. He/she will assist the president in presidential functions.

    Section 3 – Secretary

    The secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of each meeting of the organization and their distribution to the students and faculty. He/she shall also be responsible for distributing notices of meetings and events to the membership and assist in compiling information for the Department Newsletter. The secretary should also conduct all correspondence of the organization and be the custodian for all current organization records.

    Section 4 – Treasurer

    The treasurer shall coordinate and facilitate the collection of all organization funds. Funds received by the treasurer are to be deposited in an account held by the finance office of Capital University. He/she will assume a leadership role in the fundraising activities of the organization.

    Section 5 – Historian

    The historian shall be responsible for the compiling of information for the scrapbook as well as any other pertinent data concerning the activities of the organization. The historian shall also be the custodian of all records that are not needed for current use.

    Section 6 – Class Representatives

    The class representative shall represent their respective class at social work faculty meetings, meetings of the governing body, and meetings of the general membership. Each representative is expected to actively participate in the decision making process of all meetings. He/she will serve as the communicator of student concerns to faculty, and faculty concerns to students.

    Section 7 – Removal

    If an officer fails to perform the duties that are stated above he/she will be held accountable to the executive community. A majority vote by the general membership is needed to remove an officer from his/her position.