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Post-Degree Education Licensure
  • This is a non-degree program designed for adult students who have already earned a degree and wish to obtain a teaching license. We also have options for currently licensed teachers who want to earn a second license or endorsement, as well as those who just want to take a class or two to renew their license.

    What makes this program unique?

    • You will choose to start during the fall, spring or summer term, whichever best fits your schedule.
    • You will go at your own pace and complete the program when you feel ready.
    • You will interact with different school districts through multiple field placements, exposing you to various environments, students and staff.
    • You will work with a full-time faculty adviser, who has teaching experience and instructs classes in the education department. 
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    How do I get started?

     Step 1. Complete the contact form or call us at 614-236-6996. We will send you more information about the program and it will let us know that you are interested.

    Step 2. Submit your transcripts and resume for review to the Assistant Director of Adult & Graduate Education, Post-Degree Education Licensure.

    Step 3. Complete the online application for admission and submit official copies of all transcripts. Send them to:
    Capital University
    Adult and Graduate Education
    One College and Main
    Columbus, OH 43209

    Step 4. Once accepted, set up a registration meeting with the Assistant Director of Adult & Graduate Education. 


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    What about tuition and financial aid?

    • 2014-2015 tuition is $435 per semester hour.
    • You may qualify for federal student loans - the Assistant Director of Adult & Graduate Education can help.

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    Where can I read more about the education department and the expectations?

    The Teacher Education and Licensure Handbook (PDF) serves as an orientation to and an overview of our Teacher Education Program at Capital. It contains the program’s mission, goals, and conceptual framework, as well as the policies and requirements you will need to reference for admission to the program, admission to student teaching, graduation, and licensure.