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  • Meet our student ambassadors. They will give you a personal touch of Capital and help answer questions from "How's the food?" to "Can freshman have cars on campus?"

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     Tour Guide Allison Grahl  Meet Allison.                                  
    Major: Nursing
    Hometown: West Chester, OH
    Favorite Professor: Professor Dianne Patterson. I have had her for two nursing classes, as well as a clinical instructor, and she has taught me so much about how to become the best nurse I can!

    What should every college student bring to capital? Rain-boots!
    Best food served at Capital: I have to choose one? Grilled chicken snack wraps from the Crusader Club (best when served with their house chips)!
    Favorite Main Street hang out: Graeter's Ice Cream or Starbucks! 
    Organizations & Activities: Fraternity and Sorority life (Rho Gamma Director and Sorority member), Student Ambassador, and Orientation Leader.

     Tour Guide Gretchen Williams  Meet Gretchen.                                  
    Major: Double major in marketing and leadership and management
    Hometown: Carey, OH
    Favorite Class: Consumer Behavior with Lynn Dailey. Not only was this my favorite class but also was with my favoirte professor. I gained a lot of first hand experience working on a marketing plan and a focus group being a student consultant for a study abroad company based out of Columbus. Getting experience like this is great to set you apart from other candidates when applying for internships!
    What should every college student bring to capital? I think every college student should bring with them their own personality. College is the time in life that you can be completely comfortable with yourself. Coming from a small town, I knew no one when I first came to campus but I took my personality and my confidence in myself to my fall orientation experience and met some life long friends! I have been able to make a great relationship with the Cap Fam and the welcoming environment that our university has! 
    Best food served at Capital: So the best food at Capital is a really hard toss up with a few favorites of mine but hands down when I see that its Nacho Bar day in the Capital Court that I get rather excited at the chance of choosing all my favorite toppings and loading up the nachos and cheese! Best part yet, you can get seconds or on your rather hungry really craving Mexican days thirds or fourths!
    Favorite Main Street hang out: Starbucks! The closest one I have at my hometown is right around 45 minutes away so now that I have it a block down the street you can imagine my love of it! Oh not to mention the one in Bexley use to be a bank so you can sit in a vault while having your favorite lattes! When it comes to food though I do love Penn Station the fact that you get a capital discount is always a plus too!
    Organizations and Activities: Pi Phi Epsilon, Orientation Leader and Student Ambassador 
     Tour Guide Kari Bradley 

    Meet Kari.
    Major: Social Work and Psychology Minor
    Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio
    Favorite Class: My favorite class so far would have to be Clinical/Abnormal Psychology with Dr. Kathryn Bell (who is pretty much my favorite professor!). We learned about a variety of mental illnesses, substance abuse, and treatments for both of these issues. I plan on working with individuals with mental illnesses after grad school, so this information was pretty much invaluable! Dr. Bell is also a really amazing professor. She definitely cares about her students, as she is always willing to help.

    What should every college student bring to Capital?: An open mind. When you come to college, you meet so many people who are different from yourself. It's going to be much more enjoyable if you are ready to get to know other people!
    Best food served at Capital: Tacos and perogies! It sounds so strange, but it is definitely a really great combination from the Main Event!
    Favorite Main Street hang out: My favorite place on Main Street is easily the Bexley Public Library. I've had a library card there since my first week at Capital. It's a great place to go to rent movies (for free!) for a nice stress relief. Chipotle and Graeter's are a close second and third!
    Organizations & Activities: I'm a member of the Student Social Work Association, and I'm one of the supervisors for Student Telecounseling.

     Tour Guide Katie Janis  Meet Katie.
    Major: Early Childhood Education and Intervention Education
    Hometown: Mason, Ohio
    Favorite Class: Early Childhood Literature with Dr. Scheurer

    What should every college student bring to Capital: Courage - students should come with courage to try new things. College is the chance to take part in new experiences. Capital offers so many ways for students to challenge themselves, but without having courage, we aren't able to challenge ourselves and dive-in to those experiences.
    Best food served at Capital: Pasta and breadsticks in The Mezz - great food and a fun atmosphere!
    Favorite Main Street hang out: Cosi
    Organizations & Activities: Pi Phi Epsilon, CUES- Capital University Education Society, Orientation Leader, Student Ambassador

     Rachel Photo for tour guide site 

    Meet Rachel.
    Major: Psychology and Studio Art
    Hometown: Ashville, Ohio

    Favorite Class: My favorite class at Capital would have to be Behavior Management. In this class I learned how to assist in adapting behaviors for individuals in academic and social environments. Taking this course completely changed my career path and I am now pursuing a future in Behavior Therapy.
    What should every college student bring to capital? I think that every student should bring a positive outlook to Capital. Having a positive attitude will help you adapt to the college life. It will also encourage you to be active on campus. Being an involved member of the university and the community is one of the most rewarding experiences you can receive from being a college student.
    Best food served at Capital: Anything from ths dessert section! They always have different kinds of cookies, cakes, and flavors of ice cream.
    Favorite Main Street hang out: Starbucks! It has delicious coffee and a great environment for studying.

    Organizations and Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority president, orientation leader, Student Ambassador, Peer Career Advisor, Order of Omega, College Republicans, Student and Community Engagement Office worker.

     Tour Guide Stacy Bova  Meet Stacy.
    Major: Bachelor of Music, Vocal Music Education
    Hometown: Grove City, Ohio

    Favorite Professor: Professor James Swearingen

    What should every college student bring to capital? Every college student should bring a planner/calendar. With so many exciting opportunities and activities taking place, you won't want to miss out!

    Best food served at Capital: I have to choose one? My personal favorite food is our breakfast omelets, made individually for each student. They are absolutely delicous and a perfect way to start a busy day.

    Favorite Main Street hang out: I feel pretty confident that my friends and I are keeping Jimmy Johns in business. Since it opened we find ourselves there at least once a week, and the food gets better and better every time.

    Organizations & Activities: Treasurer of the Capital University Women's Chorus, Resident Assistant (RA), Vice President & President of the Capital Collegiate Kodály Educators, Sister of Sigma Alpha Iota-International Music Fraternity, Work-study to Professor James Swearingen, and a proud office worker at our very own Admission Office.