Veteran Benefits
  • Capital University is approved to provide education to eligible veterans, widows and children of veterans and reservists. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) determines your eligibility and equivalent educational benefits, but we can help identify benefits and get you through the application process.

    Finding the Benefits for You

    With all the educational benefits available, it can be difficult to determine which benefit is best for you. We have provided a list of available benefits with links to additional information to get you started. You can also use the Road Map for Success tool on the VA Website to help you choose the best option and lead you through the application process.


    Other great resources at the VA website include a benefits calculator and benefit program comparison 

    Applying for VA Program Benefits

    1. Complete the Application for Benefits form on the VA Web site or download an application to submit to the VA. See below for a list of benefit options, and you can contact the VA at 1.888.GIBILL1 (1.888.442.4551) to help determine your eligibility.

    2. If you have used VA benefits in the past and have since changed schools or major programs, complete a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training.

    Benefit Options

    Chapter 1606 - Selected Reserve (Formerly 106)

    Members of the Reserve or National Guard who enlist, reenlist, or extend an enlistment after 6/30/85, for a period of 6 years. Learn more at the VA website.

    Chapter 1607 - Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)

    The new benefit, Chapter 1607, makes certain individuals who were activated after September 11, 2001 are either eligible for education benefits or increased benefits. The Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and VA are working on an implementation plan for this new benefit. Learn more at the VA website.

    Chapter 30 - GI Bill Active Duty

    Persons entering active duty on 7/1/85 or later, who made monthly contributions of $100 for 12 months. Persons must have completed 3 years of active duty, or 2 years active duty and 4 years in the selected reserve. Learn more at the VA website.

    Chapter 30-2 -"Modified" GI Bill

    Persons entering active duty before 7/1/85 and who were eligible for the "Old" GI Bill. Learn more at the VA website.

    Chapter 31 -Vocational Rehabilitation

    Veterans of World War II or thereafter whose service-connected disability, as determined by the VA, entitles them to benefits under this chapter. Learn more at the VA website.

    Chapter 32 - (VEAP)

    Persons entering service between 1/1/77 and 6/30/85, who made monthly or lump-sum contributions to the program while on active duty. Learn more at the VA website.

    Chapter 33 - Post 9/11 GI Bill

    For individuals who served on active duty on or after September 11, 2001. If approved at 100%, Capital will match $3000 of benefits provided by the Yellow Ribbon Program. Students receiving this benefit are not eligible for any other institutional aid. See the VA website for more information on the Yellow Ribbon Program. Learn more at the VA website.

    Chapter 35 -Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance

    Must include appropriate file number for processing
    Assistance available to spouses' and/or children or surviving spouses'; and/or children of a veteran with permanent and total service-connected disability: whose deaths were service connected, or; who died of any cause while rated permanently and totally disabled due to a service-connected disability. Learn more at the VA website.

    Chapter 35-R -Restored Entitlement for Survivors

    Restored benefits for persons in Chapter 35.