• Why Capital: Q&A with Senior Public Relations Major Dayna Scott

      Dayna Scott

      It’s college choice time for prospective students, and we know there are a lot of factors that go into helping students choose the school that’s the best fit for them. It’s also graduation time, and we’re about to send hundreds of students who chose Capital four years ago out into the world to be a force for good.
      So we decided to check in with soon-to-be Capital graduate, Dayna Scott, to see why she chose Capital, and why it was the right college choice for her.

      Dayna is a senior public relations major from Pittsburgh. During her four years on campus, she has been involved in organizations including Alpha Sigma Alpha, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Student Diversity Advocacy Program and Activity Management and Programming (AMP). Dayna has also been involved with first-year student orientation as an orientation leader. Here’s what she had to say.

      Q: Why did you choose Capital?

      I made my final decision to attend Capital when I realized that I would not be a number and had plenty of opportunity to get involved. As a student who attended a small high school, knowing the class size average was 25 students and that my advisor was someone who was not only a professional in my field, but my faculty member and potential mentor, was a huge plus!  

      Q: Who and/or what has helped shape your Capital experience?

      "Gravitating toward positive, driven people is something I cherish and the constant support system from my #capfam has only helped me achieve and aspire to make differences in the world."

      Dayna Scott
      On What Has Shaped Her Capital Experience

      Getting the chance to be a part of so many groups and “families” on campus has formed me into the leader I am today. I have helped form an organization on campus, become a part of Greek life, was included as an orientation leader, and grew as an individual while working and later interning with Capital University’s admission office. The friends I have made on campus will be friends that I will absolutely make efforts to stay in contact with; gravitating toward positive, driven people is something I cherish and the constant support system from my #capfam has only helped me achieve and aspire to make differences in the world. 

      Q: What advice do you have for students considering Capital?

      My advice to future students considering Capital University would be don’t be afraid to take risks; get involved with a bunch of different organizations on campus or even start a new group! I would also emphasize the resources that Capital has and to make sure that you use the resources available to you while you can. Go to Career Development with an internship question, form that lasting relationship with your advisor or professor, or even run for that leadership position because no one will hear you until you speak up. Lastly, enjoy college and being young in an environment that is so warm and welcoming.

      Q: Can you also talk about your experience with the Capital virtual tour?

      YouVisit Tour With DaynaWhen I was asked to be the face of the virtual tour, I was extremely honored. What better way to leave a legacy than to potentially be the first face a student sees? The process began with me thinking about my actual tour route; what do I say, when do I say it, and what questions do I ask the families, what questions do I expect back, things of that nature. Then I was given a list of stops that would be on the tour and I had to write a small blurb condensing everything I would normally say into about 110 words. Next, it was time to head to our CapTV studio and record each segment as I would say it on tour. A big challenge for me was staying stationary because I was not actually pointing to any building and I was not walking through campus. Usually throughout my tours, I like to give personal experiences and for the virtual tour I had to stay within a word limit. I learned a lot about how to condense my thoughts and still get my point across and I learned that Capital truly has prepared me for the different fields I wish to be a part of one day. It was a blast getting to work on the tour and I encourage everyone to check it out! 

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