Academic Success Peer Tutor

Level 3

Highly skilled positions often including planning & supervisory responsibility
Pay Rate: $8.75


Academic Success


Academic Success Peer Tutors work with students one on one and in groups to help them become more successful academically.


-Providing course-specific content area tutoring -Providing discipline and course-specific study strategies assistance -Maintaining a professional demeanor -Being on time for regularly scheduled shifts and independently arranged tutorials


-Sophomore rank or above at the time of employment -Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and minimum 3.3 GPA in tutoring area -Reliability (showing up for work consistently and on time) -Caring (genuinely interested in helping others) -Strong communication skills (able to convey ideas clearly, both verbally and in writing) -Patience, courtesy, and tact (not easily frustrated, think clearly before speaking) -Integrity and ethical awareness (able to adhere to guidelines for professional conduct) -High ability in tutoring area(s) (demonstrated strong performance in relevant coursework) -Availability for training sessions (able to commit to pre-service and in-service training sessions, and will participate in evaluation procedures) -Independence (able to work responsibly with minimal direct supervision)


Conditions of Employent Include: -Successful completion of 10 hours of first-year training in compliance with CRLA Level I tutor training (includes 6 hours of pre-service training and 4 hours of in-service training; all training will be compensated at the regular hourly rate) -Work-study eligibility is welcome but not required -A willingness to work at least two regularly scheduled hours each week for math, science, and writing tutoring and making yourself available on reasonable notice for independently arranged tutoring sessions -A willingness to be listed (name, contact information, and tutoring specialties) in the Tutor Yellow Pages -Ability to maintain at least the minimum cumulative GPA and tutoring-specific GPA while employed as a Peer Tutor


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