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Evidence of Student Learning

  • Signature Learning

    Assessment results from curricular and co-curricular experiences are captured in Anthology Outcomes and combined to provide an institutional snapshot. These results are communicated with the university community.

    Assessment Notes (PDF)

    First-Year Writing Program

    The First-Year Writing Program also conducts annual assessment of learning outcomes in ENGL 111.

    2018-2022 FIRST-YEAR WRITING Assessment (PDF)

    Program Learning Outcomes

    Programs capture assessment results in Anthology Outcomes. Results are displayed on program dashboards and in annual assessments reports (PDF).

    Annual Assessment Reports

    The Annual Assessment Report (PDF) outlines the assessment initiatives and results in the academic year.

    National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

    Capital University participates annually in the National Survey of Student Engagement. A random sample of first-year students and seniors respond to questions about academics; high-impact practices, such as internships, student research, and community engagement; experiences with diversity, and co-curricular experiences. These responses provide indirect evidence of achievement of learning outcomes.

    NSSE 2021 Results Summary (PDF)

    Showcase of Student Learning

    The Showcase of Student Learning highlights examples of assessment of Signature Learning Outcomes by describing the assignment or activity utilized to capture the demonstration of a Signature Learning Outcome, examples of student work, and the measures used to assess achievement of the outcomes.