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Majors and Programs

  • Adult Education Program Options

    Whether you’re a few credits shy of a degree or need to start at the 100 level, advisers at Capital will help you find the quickest path to a diploma. Complete your degree in one of six majors, or create your own degree based on coursework you’ve completed and skills you want to learn. 

    Non-degree options are also available, including Post-Degree Education Licensure.

    Need Help Understanding Adult Education and Degree Completion?


    Do you need help planning your bachelor's degree completion program? Are you having trouble deciding on a major? If so, meet with one of our academic advisors to help you through the decision process.

    They can help you learn more about adult education, including:
      • What it takes to complete a bachelor's degree
      • Things to think about when choosing a major
      • Options for earning credit
      • Negotiating the academic bureaucracies
    For more information contact the Office of Admissions at 614-236-6990.