MBA Planning and Scheduling Guide | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


MBA Planning and Scheduling

  • Scheduling Classes

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    Academic Calendar

    Course Days and Times

    All courses meet from 6 to 9 pm on Monday or Thursday, following this schedule.
    Fall and Spring Trimesters
    MBA 500 MBA Foundations Monday
    MBA 611 MIS/Analytical Tools Thursday     
    MBA 612 Managerial Economics Monday
    MBA 613 Organizational Behavior Monday
    MBA 614 Managerial Accounting Thursday
    MBA 710 Marketing Management Thursday
    MBA 720 Financial Management Monday
    MBA 730 Operations Management Monday
    MBA 740 Ethics and Social Responsibility  Thursday
    MBA 8XX Advanced Topics Various
    MBA 900 Business Policy and Strategy Thursday      

    Summer Trimester

    The summer trimester is split into two halves, Module 1 and Module 2. This scheduling allows you to choose how much of the summer you want to be in school. You can attend all summer (early May through early August), the first half of the summer (early May through mid-June), or the later half of the summer (mid-June through early August). This modular format for courses applies only to the summer trimester.

    Sample Course Scheduling

    Every MBA course is offered each trimester.  This provides students with the greatest amount of flexibility in scheduling their classes.   
    Candidates are admitted and can start the MBA program at any of the three trimesters during the academic year.  While students are not required to follow the outline below, this sequencing assures that prerequisites are met in a timely fashion as students progress toward degree completion:
    Semester Mondays Thursdays
    #1 MBA 500 MBA 740
    #2 MBA 613 MBA 611
    #3 MBA 612 MBA 614
    #4 MBA 720 MBA 710
    #5 MBA 730 MBA 8XX
    #6 MBA 8XX MBA 900