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    • Film and Media program

      Film and Media Production

      If you're interested in a career in video production, media and creative industries, we'll teach you what you need to know now.
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      Public relations

      As a public relations major, you will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for a career in a dynamic, broad-based field.
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    • Emerging Media 2

      Emerging Media

      To excel as professionals in almost any media environment, you will need to know a lot about a whole range of disciplines that work together.
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Media Department

  • Developing the hard skills to create.

    Humans are complex and creative beings, and throughout history people have gathered and shared information through telling stories and entertaining each other. In the media department, you’ll learn by doing. You will develop your writing, filming, editing, storytelling, strategic, and persuasive skills across a range of platforms.

    What you’ll learn

    You can prepare for your career through our majors and minors in Emerging Media, Film and Media Production, or Public Relations.

    thumbnail film and mediaIf you’re excited about making video or film, you should consider our program in Film and Media Production, which prepares students like you for careers in video production, media, and the creative industries. Our experiential learning opportunities let you try a career on for size, like being a DJ for our campus radio station, WXCU; creating content for CapTV; or participating in Filmmakers.

    thumbnail public relationsIf you’d like to work on behalf of a company or nonprofit organization to share information and develop relationships with consumers, donors, employees, and other key constituents, you might consider a major or minor in Public Relations. You might also be interested in our campus chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), which is the foremost organization for students interested in public relations and related fields.

    thumbnail emerging mediaIf you have a broad set of interests and want to learn to produce a wide range of online content, then our Emerging Media program may be for you. Students who major in Emerging Media take a core of courses from business to design to professional writing and then choose an area of emphasis in which to hone their expertise.

    Whatever area you choose, you can be sure that Capital’s Media Department will equip you with a strong liberal arts background and the skills and knowledge you need to effectively convey your message or tell your story. You can explore each of the programs and course descriptions in our online course bulletin.

    High-Impact Practices: Experiential Learning and Internships

    One of Capital’s signature characteristics is the use of high-impact practices – teaching techniques and strategies like internships, undergraduate research projects, client-based immersion classes, and hands-on, pre-professional learning opportunities like some of those discussed above. These activities are at the core of our departmental programs.

    Students have recently interned at places like NBC4-TV, WBNS-TV, 97.1 The Fan radio, Mills James Productions, Ronald McDonald House, Ohio Department of Tourism, OhioHealth, DisneyWorld, Columbus Zoo, and many more.

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