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  • Bradley Conrad, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

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    Ruff Learning Center


    • Classes

      EDU 201 - Introduction to Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
      EDU 301 - Developing as a Professional III
      EDU 310 - Writing: Theory and Practice
      EDU 401 - Student Teaching Seminar
      EDU 532 - Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment: Theory into Practice

    • Biography

      Bradley Conrad is an associate professor in the School of Education at Capital University. Dr. Conrad is co-author of the book Lesson Planning with Purpose: Five Approaches to Curriculum Design. He has published several articles and book chapters in the areas of curriculum, teacher dispositions, culturally responsive pedagogy, and the arts in education. In K-12 education, he has been a substitute teacher, high school English teacher, department coordinator, instructional coach, and new teacher mentor during his career beginning in 2001. He serves as the team lead on the Tales from the Classroom Project, an undertaking designed to improve education by sharing the voices of those in our schools along with the best research in K–12 education. 

      Dr. Conrad has held a number of national leadership positions in educational research associations. He is a founding member and long-time officer in the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Elliot Eisner SIG, former executive board member and program chair for the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum (AATC), and a reviewer and/or contributing editor for several peer-reviewed journals. He has appeared on a number of national media outlets and as an invited speaker at various events to discuss numerous issues related to K-12 education. 

      Dr. Conrad has written and evaluated curriculum across the educational spectrum. He has written several graduate programs in education, a myriad of online and face-to-face courses, led curriculum writing projects in K-12 schools and at international workshops on lesson planning, and led various curriculum evaluations and revisions. He received his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver in 2011. 

    • Degrees Earned

      Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction, University of Denver
      MA Curriculum & Instruction, University of Denver
      BA Journalism, Ohio University

    • Publications

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