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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I a certified life care planner after completing the program?
    No.  The program provides the pre-certification education required for someone to sit for the ICHCC’s certification examination.  There are costs involved to apply for certification.  For more information about the certification process (including costs), the application for examination, the review course, and the certification exam please contact the ICHCC directly at

    How much does the LCP Program cost?
    You are billed on a per semester basis for the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled.  See “Tuition & Fees” for the per credit hour rate of your academic year (subject to change each new academic year).

    Spring Semester: Module 1 – Module 4 (8 credit hours billed)
    Summer Semester: Module 5 – Module 7 (6 credit hours billed)
    Fall Semester: Module 8 (2 credit hours billed)

    Is financial aid available?
    No.  Financial aid is not available in the Life Care Planner Program. 

    Can I apply VA benefits to the program costs?
    Yes.  Please contact with your VA benefits questions.

    What factors are considered in the admission decision?
    The admission decision is based on all aspects of the application file.  Each component is important and given significant consideration in the decision.  More specifically, to qualify for consideration, we require you meet the following criteria:

    Admission Requirements for Registered Nurses

    1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year institution;
    2. Valid R.N. license; and
    3. 5000 hours of clinical experience, preferably in a relevant area.

    Admission Requirements for non-R.N. Rehabilitation or Other Related Professionals:

    1. Bachelor’s degree in their field from an accredited four-year institution;
    2. Rehabilitation certification such as CRC, CDMS, COHN, CPRN, ABVE, LPT, OTL, LPC, etc., or appropriate licensure or certification in a related field (e.g., social work, physical therapy, etc.); and
    3. A minimum of 3 – 5 years of rehabilitation work experience.

    To find out if your healthcare background qualifies for certification as a life care planner, please contact the ICHCC at

    If needed, the Assistant Dean of Graduate & Professional Law Programs may request a conference with any applicant.

    When will I know your admission decision?
    One of the advantages of a small university is that the admissions process is quick.  We can usually make a decision in less than a week after receiving a completed application file.

    When can I start the LCP Program?
    The LCP Program starts new cohorts in February each year.  Each module is one month.  The Litigation Practicum module is held at the end of September.

    Can I schedule an appointment to talk more about the program? 
    Yes.  If you’d like to talk more about the LCP Program and the specialty, please email  We will schedule a time that is convenient to your schedule.

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