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    Follow Your Call.

    Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University forms leaders for Christ's Church at work in the world.

    Since its founding, Trinity Lutheran Seminary has provided opportunities for faith training in the classroom and around the globe, equipping students for transformative ministry in a variety of settings. The scope of our master's degrees will prepare you to change the world,whether you see yourself leading a congregation, teaching in the classroom or advocating for social justice in the community.


    Disciples of Jesus are called, gathered, and sent. Trinity’s mission statement clearly has that missional thrust. The faculty is determined to make our long standing commitment to educate leaders for the church’s mission even more explicit by shaping a curriculum that is missional in focus.


    A healthy and vigorous vision for mission requires a solid theological grounding. A diverse, talented, and charismatic faculty leads students through a rigorous academic curriculum. Courses explore sound principles of biblical interpretation, the history of the church's witness to the gospel, and the task of theology for the missional church in today's world. Courses in pastoral care, stewardship, mission, Christian education, and the music, tradition and culture of our liturgy provide further formation for leadership. The faculty has committed itself to infusing their own teaching with a missional consciousness.


    Students plan and participate in daily worship; initiate and share in an intentional prayer life; explore the importance of the manifold forms of ritual and music; and continually seek ways to remember their baptismal covenant and its meaning for a life in faith. A deep spirituality is essential to strong leadership in mission and mission redevelopment.


    Students gain valuable practical experience in churches, nursing homes, and hospitals; in urban, rural, and suburban neighborhoods; and in travel to the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. First- and second-year students explore and participate in ministry through their "Leadership in Context" assignments in churches throughout Columbus, and third- and fourth-year students grow and mature in their development as pastors with mentors in internship placements across the state and across the country.

    Degrees Offered

    Master of Divinity

    The Master of Divinity degree prepares individuals for the pastoral ministry of the church. Courses at Trinity offer students the opportunity to integrate the various disciplines of theology, their personal and spiritual growth and their contextual experience. Students engage in structured field work in ministry settings where they apply the concepts and practices learned in the classroom.

    The 2+2 Program for completing the Master of Divinity degree is unique to Trinity, allowing for flexibility in life, study and work balance. During the first two years of full-time study, students take classes on campus and work at their contextual education sites. Clinical Pastoral Education in a chaplaincy setting is typically completed in the summer between the first and second years. During the second two years of full-time status, students live and work at their internship sites in a variety of church settings.

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    Master of Theological Studies

    The Master of Theological Studies degree prepares individuals for a wide variety of career options, including doctoral work, teaching and leadership roles in lay ministry, spiritual formation, advocacy and community organizing.

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    Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry

    The Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry degree prepares individuals for numerous vocational opportunities with children, youth and their families. This may include congregational ministry, campus ministry, outdoor ministry and churchwide leadership.

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    Master of Sacred Theology

    The Master of Sacred Theology degree is intended for students whose interests lie in pursuing an advanced theological degree with an emphasis on academic study. The S.T.M. degree aims to enrich both scholarly and vocational competency, making it suitable to both ministry practitioners and those whose goals include additional graduate study.

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