Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


  • Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University

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    Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry 

    Focusing on ministries with children, adolescents, and families, for staff positions in congregations, outdoor ministries, and other church agencies

    A full-time student may complete the degree within two years; however, many persons prefer part-time study while fully employed. Summer courses and evening classes help facilitate part-time study.


    58 semester hours of coursework

    • Theological Core Courses: 28 semester hours in biblical studies, theology, church history, person in ministry, spirituality, denominational identity.
    • Degree Requirement Courses: 17 semester hours in youth and family ministry courses, teaching, sexuality, and Spanish for ministry
    • Elective Courses: 10 semester hours of self-selected courses.
    • Contextual Education: 3 semester hours (Leadership in Context)


    For the sake of the mission of the church, graduates of the Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry degree program at Trinity Lutheran Seminary should be able to:

    1. Use appropriately the resources of scripture and the church’s historical and theological tradition
    2. Read and interpret critically contexts of mission and ministry
    3. Articulate a vision for youth and family ministry appropriate to the mission of the church
    4. Provide capable leadership for the church's youth and family ministry
    5. Demonstrate a healthy and resilient faith


    A minimum of 200 hours of supervised field experience will be completed in consultation with the Contextual Education Office. This will be done while taking the Leadership in Context seminar for 3 semester hours of credit. The aim is for students to engage in the practice of ministry within the framework of academic study and theological reflection.