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    Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science



    Biological and Environmental SciencesChemistry and BiochemistryMathematics, Computer Science and Physics 


    We approach the world from different angles, but whether we’re scientists, caregivers, physical therapists and trainers, environmentalists, computer engineers or mathematicians, we share some common motivators.

    Majors, Minors and Concentrations

    Biology • Biology: Pre-Medicine • Biology: Pre-Occupational Therapy • Environmental Science • Biology: Pre-Physical Therapy • Environmental Science

    Chemistry • Chemistry: Pre-Medicine • Chemistry: Pre-Pharmacy • Chemistry: Engineering • Chemistry (ACS Certified) • Biochemistry

    Mathematics • Integrated Mathematics • Mathematics: Engineering • Computer Science: Engineering

    Curiosity. The need to explore and question. A penchant for testing limits and theories, and for asking: “Why?” and “What if?” We share compassion and a deep-seated obligation — maybe even a calling — to help. We’re driven to understand the way things work and then to try and make them work better, like shortening the recovery time for an injured athlete, a polluted stream, a post-operative patient, or a data breach.

    Through Capital University’s programs in the natural sciences, computer science, nursing and health, you will find unlimited opportunity to explore the natural world, the life within it, how it’s connected and how it might be improved. 

    Like fractals, our programs are complex and diverse — ranging from biology, chemistry, health education and pre-medicine to computer science, biochemistry and mathematics. But they share a common pattern, rooted in the liberal arts and the sciences, that creates paths to hundreds of vibrant career opportunities in health care, research, education, technology, research and development, medicine and more.

    Guided by highly engaged, student-centered professors, your classroom will be brought to life by group work, active learning, project management and problem solving. The ideas and theories you learn inside those four walls will crystalize when you apply them in the lab and in the field through undergraduate research, clinical experiences, internships and capstone projects. 

    You’ll be part of close-knit community of students and professors who share your interests and passion for your discipline. But don’t get too comfortable. We’re not into learning silos. That’s just not how the world’s biggest problems are solved. They’re complex and must be approached from multiple angles. So we’ve designed our curriculum to reach across the boundaries of science, technology and public health into economics, world languages and cultures and beyond. So you’ll be prepared to communicate, think and work in those intersections, where sustainable solutions are most often found.

    When you graduate, you will be prepared to contribute to the workforce, or to take on your next challenge in graduate school. So do what you do best — explore. Discover what Capital has to offer and how we can help you take the next step in shaping your education, your profession and your world.

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