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Academic Coaching

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    About Academic Coaching

    Academic Coaching supports students in working towards their academic and personal goals.

    In addition, Academic Coaches:

    • Develop a personal and collaborative relationship with students.
    • Encourage students to self-identify their strengths, values, interests, and purposes.
    • Assist students in identifying and utilizing study and organizational strategies.
    • Collaborate with students to come up with action plan and hold them accountable.

    To schedule to meet with an Academic Coach, please click the link below, and enter your Capital University credentials. Once logged in, follow the directions below.

    Schedule Now  

    Directions to schedule:
    Academic Coaching sessions are available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, stop in to Academic Success on the second floor of the Blackmore Library, or call us at 236-6327. Students can also easily search for Academic Coaches and appointment times by logging onto TutorTrac. Just use your current Capital username and password to log in and click on Search Availabilities

    Our Peer Academic Coaches

    Meet Jessica:
    Major: Early Childhood and Intervention Education
    Year: Junior
    Involvement: Phi Sigma Sigma
    Study Strategy Recommendation: Always keep papers/notes organized and begin studying as soon as you know what material will be covered on the test!

    Meet Jenay:
    Major: Psychology and Criminology
    Year: Sophomore
    Involvement: Volleyball Team, Student Athletic Advisory Committee
    Study Strategy Recommendation: Using Flashcards like Quizlet

    Meet Chris:
    Major: Integrated Social Studies
    Year: 2022
    Study Strategy Recommendation: I rely on taking thorough notes that I will read over when I have time between classes, during lunch, etc. I also make sure to keep an up-to-date planner that lists assignment due dates and exam dates so I that can plan accordingly.

    Meet Katie:
    Major: Early Childhood Education
    Year: Junior
    Involvement: The sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha; I also serve as the Scholarship Chair for ASA
    Study Strategy Recommendation: I like reviewing my notes as the unit goes on so that I don’t cram the night before the exam. I also find that organizing my time with my classes, work, and organizations helps a lot in the long run!