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    The Academic Success Writing Center is your one-stop, centralized location to get help on any writing assignment for any class. Our Writing Consultants can assist you with all phases of the writing process, including getting past “writer’s block,” brainstorming a topic, creating a thesis, developing and organizing your ideas, putting together a draft, and revising a draft for correctness and precision. We can also help you make sure your paper is properly formatted, and if you’re writing a research paper, we can help you make sure you are properly using and documenting your sources. Whether you are using APA or MLA style, our staff can assist you with following the appropriate documentation and style guidelines.

    The Writing Center staff is committed to the following goals:

    • To help students become more confident and informed readers and editors of their own writing 
    • To help students develop strategies for identifying and addressing areas for improvement in their writing 
    • To guide students in utilizing the writing process to better develop their writing

    To achieve these goals, our focus is always on helping you discover better, more effective ways of expressing your ideas. The Writing Center is not an editing or proofreading service; in other words, we will never simply correct errors or rewrite your paper for you. Instead, our Writing Consultants will guide you in identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement in your own writing.

    The Writing Center Consultants are students who are exceptional writers themselves who have been trained to assist a diverse student population with a wide range of writing needs. Whether you have some basic grammar questions or would just like an informed reader to provide you with some constructive feedback, our Consultants are here to help. Even if you consider yourself to be a good writer, our Consultants are able to assist writers of all skill levels and ability.

    Students can easily schedule appointments by clicking the "Schedule Now" button below, stopping by Academic Success on the second floor of the Blackmore Library, or calling us at 614-236-6327 for help with scheduling.