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    Social Sciences

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    Psychology, Sociology & Criminology • Professional Studies • Social Work
    You’re a people person, but not the cliché. Your interest in people dives well beneath the surface to the depths of decoding the human mind, understanding the experiences, perspectives and sometimes even traumas that influence behavior — good, bad and extreme. 
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    Majors, Minors and Concentrations

    Psychology • Criminology • Sociology • Social Work • Interdisciplinary Studies • Professional Studies in Music Technology

    Your own life experiences have given you deep empathy and a strong desire to understand — to help and serve people and groups of people. Those who struggle with their own demons, and those struggling with demons imposed on them by societal issues like poverty, oppression, violence and discrimination. 
    You want more than a license to practice. You want to give people hope. You want to advocate for them. To be a change-agent. A major in the social sciences at Capital can help you become the person you’re meant to be so you can help others reach their full potential. 
    We take a scientific approach to exploring the mysteries of human behavior through psychology, sociology and criminology, and social work. But grasping the theory behind the science is only the beginning. Our teaching practices are high-impact. That means they’re meaningful, and that you’ll get the most out of your time in class, in the lab and in the field. Your professors will engage you with the latest teaching and learning techniques and through practical experience like undergraduate research, senior capstone projects, service-learning and more so that you’ll retain what you learn. Not just for your next exam, but for your next class, your next degree or your next career.
    Regardless of your social sciences major, you’ll learn from professors who the hold the highest degree in their fields; scholars with diverse areas of interest and expertise; and practitioners who apply — and will help you apply — what they teach in the classroom to your work every day. 
    You’ll learn to think like a scientist about seemingly unscientific things. Grounded in Capital’s liberal-arts approach education, you’ll learn to think critically, communicate clearly with people who are like you and different from you. You’ll learn to gather, analyze and interpret data. You’ll master ethical approaches to forming knowledge, to conducting research and practicing your profession. And you’ll learn to understand and value the cultural, gender, ethnic, racial and historical contexts that shape our world— and the people, families, communities and organizations that compose it.
    Discover our programs. Meet our professors. Find out what our graduates are doing. And take the next step toward your future at Capital.