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    Fall 2020 Updates & Communication

    Returning to campus during the pandemic has necessitated new requirements and behaviors. We will keep you updated as changes occur.
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  • We recognize the important role you play in each student’s college search process and value our partnership with you. To save you some time, we’ve organized the information below to help you better serve your students. You can also keep up-to-date by registering for our quarterly counselor newsletter, which gives you crucial admission news without overwhelming your inbox. We’d love to connect with you.

    Transferring Credits to Capital

    Learn how to transfer the following credits to Capital:
    Advanced Placement Fact Sheet (PDF)
    International Baccalaureate Fact Sheet  (PDF)
    Transfer Equivalency Guides for College Credit students

    If you are assisting students with scheduling their CCP coursework, especially juniors, feel free to reach out to us about recommended courses. Our admission counselors can also help your students weigh the pros and cons of starting at a community college before transferring to Capital.

    Admission Criteria

    Capital evaluates applications holistically. While we do review test scores and high school transcripts, our application process is built to give us a better picture of the applicant as a whole. We value students who will not only succeed in the classroom but also contribute their unique skills and perspectives to the Capital community. Read more about our admission criteria.

    To submit application materials on behalf of your students, please send the documents via mail, Parchment, Slate.org, or email. We prefer to receive documents electronically, but we can accept physical copies mailed to our address below. 


    With our holistic review process, Capital makes applying for scholarships easy. Our general application doubles as the application to all of Capital’s scholarships—there are no extra forms students have to fill out to be eligible for the most scholarships possible. Read more about these opportunities, including our full-tuition competitions, here.

  • Slate.org: Your Counselor Portal for Capital and Beyond

    What is Slate.org?

    Slate is the application and communication software used by over 1000 colleges and universities, including Capital University. Through the free tool Slate.org, school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations can view the status of their students' college applications. It also allows counselors to easily and securely upload student application materials directly to colleges and universities, and to schedule admission rep visits at your high school.

    How does Capital use Slate.org?

    Beginning with the 2021 application cycle, Capital will allow 24/7 online access to your students’ application status through Slate.org. You can check in prior to deadlines to see if your Capital applicants are missing any required items. You can also see your students' admission decisions after they have been released.

    How do I join Slate.org? How does it work at my school (organization)?

    Visit Slate.org and click the registration link in the main toolbar. If you have previously submitted documents through the Common Application, you are pre-approved for a Slate.org account. Once an account is created and verified by Slate.org, the first registered counselor from your school will manage your high school’s account and add other counselors from your school. Click here for an overview of how to get started. If you need help registering, contact Slate at info@slate.org.

    Can anybody access student data?

    Student data is carefully safeguarded and made available only to the approved schools, colleges and universities. Student data will never be sold.

    What documents can I upload through Slate.org?

    You can upload transcripts, recommendations, and other materials students need to complete their college application.

    Why Slate.org and not the service we already use?

    We prefer to receive documents electronically – via the Common App, Naviance, Parchment, or a similar platform. Slate.org is simply a free option to provide that information securely with the added benefit of easily viewing your students’ application statuses. Slate.org will remain free as they are committed to facilitating stronger relationships between counselors and colleges.

    Who do I contact if I’m experiencing technical difficulties?

    Contact Slate.org at info@slate.org.

    Additional FAQ

    Slate.org has a one-sheet document with additional FAQ's.

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