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Home-School Admission

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    Capital University welcomes home-schooled students and has many successful current students and graduates that came from home-schooling. To be considered for admission if you are home-schooled student, follow the simple steps below.  

    Your Admission Application

    Our Admission Committee evaluate applications throughout the year for fall or spring enrollment. We will waive your application fee if you complete the online admission application, or you can download the paper admission application (PDF) and mail it in. The best way to apply is online since it is free and usually takes less than 30 minutes of your time.
    Tip: Be sure to fill out your application in detail. Your admission application also doubles as your scholarship application for most Capital merit and targeted awards!

    Your ACT or SAT test scores 
    Capital requires each applicant to submit official ACT or SAT scores. Your scores can be submitted directly from ACT or SAT. Our ACT code number is 3242, and our SAT code number is 1099 when you are filling out your registration forms. 

    Tip: Send all of test results to Capital even if they aren’t your best. We “superscore” your tests by taking your best sub-scores across multiple tests and averaging them together to create the best score possible for you. We will do this automatically as long as you send us copies of all of your test scores. We will always use the very highest result possible for both your admission decision and scholarship offer!

    Your Cumulative GPA & Official Transcript

    We carefully evaluate the high school record of each applicant, including review of your cumulative high school GPA and your course curriculum. After you send your Capital application, be sure your parent/guardian (or the individual or school district responsible for your home-schooling) is mailing a copy of your official transcript in a sealed envelope to Capital. Students who receive their educations at home are expected to complete a minimum of 16 academic units, including:

    • 4 English classes 
    • 3 Math classes (including Algebra II) 
    • 3 Science classes (including two lab sciences) 
    • 3 Social Studies classes 
    • 2 Foreign Language classes 
    • 1 Fine Arts class 


    Tip: It’s very important that each home-schooled student submits a GPA to Capital. Without it, we are unable to award scholarships since GPA is an important factor in our awarding. 


    Letters of Recommendation

    Home-schooled applicants are required to submit three written recommendations: one from the student’s instructor (in place of the counselor evaluation) and two from outside the student’s school instruction, such as a coach, employer, pastor, sponsor of an extracurricular activity, or teacher of any kind of private instruction (music lessons, etc.). Please have these letters included with your transcript, emailed to admission@capital.edu or mailed separately to:

    Capital University Admission Office
    1 College and Main
    Columbus, OH 43209-2394

    Other Documents
    Many home-schooled applicants have taken college courses during their high school years. If you have college credits to transfer, please have official transcripts sent when available. If the college courses are part of your high school requirements, please have the classes listed (including grades) on your home-school transcript.