Academics - Why Capital? | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


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  • Because this is where you learn how to learn.

    At Capital, we invite you to choose your pathway. Take advantage of a world-class liberal arts and professional education that will prepare you for your first internship in college, your first job out of college and even the innovative new career path you’ll choose 20 years from now. The one that doesn’t even exist yet. It’s all possible here.

    Real Skills
    Capital Grads Make Impact

    Simply put, our graduates are doing some amazing things. Success stories abound, and we couldn't be prouder of each and every one of them. They're making a difference in their world today. Will you make a difference tomorrow?

    Our academic programs are at the core of who we are, and they’re at the heart of who you will become. Today, you might study Global Awareness. Tomorrow, you might be an information officer for the United Nations. To make your transition seamless, you’ll need academic experience that’s both rigorous and relevant. Theoretical and applied. Broad-based and specialized. It’s a tall order in a rapidly changing society, but we’ve been preparing leaders for nearly two centuries. So we’re pretty comfortable adapting to change. Our small class sizes and student-centered approach are designed with students like you in mind.

    At Capital, we’ll encourage you to ask. You’ll develop an intellectual curiosity that opens doors you never knew were there.

    You will learn to think and to think critically. To challenge assumptions — yours and others’. To view facts from multiple perspectives. To analyze, reason and evaluate. To develop insights that are yours and yours alone.

    And you will be prepared to lead. On campus, in the field and after graduation, the leadership skills you hone at Capital will prepare you to be the changemaker you were meant to be. For you. For others. For the common good.

    Your dreams are within reach. A Capital education will get you there.