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  • Opportunities abound at Capital.

    Opportunities to explore. You don’t have to know everything right out of the gate. That’s what college is all about — especially in the first year. That’s why they’re called introductory classes. Exploration is key, whether you’re choosing a class, a major or the student organization you want to join. Your advisor, peers and our Student Success team will help you find your place and your passion. You might even discover some things about yourself along the way.

    Undergraduate Research

    Capital students are twice as likely to participate in undergraduate research.
    (Source: National Survey on Student engagement)

    Opportunities for undergraduate research. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, you will have the chance to delve into a subject you’re interested in and add to the knowledge base in the discipline you choose. You’ll collect and analyze data. Test theories. Draw your own conclusions. You may even qualify for funding to support your research or to help you continue it through the summer through our Summers Scholars Program. You’ll even have the opportunity to present your findings at our annual symposium or be published in Epistimi, our undergraduate research journal. Think of how that will look on your résumé or grad school application.

    Opportunities to hone your skills. Through internships in and around Columbus, through the capital city’s thriving music, arts and culture scene, and through study abroad opportunities, you will reach beyond the boundaries of home and campus to discover what the rest of the world has to offer. And what you have to offer in return.

    Opportunities to further develop your talents in our state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, student-athlete or a tech genius, you will have resources at your fingertips.

    Opportunities to get started on your career. Throughout your academic experience, Capital’s Career Development staff will be on hand to help you choose a major that dovetails with your interests and talents, and point you toward internships and activities that move you closer to your career goals. Even after you graduate, they will be available to help you in your job search. You’ll also connect with a network of professions who started just where are now, and who want to see you do well. Capital alumni — the Capital Family — are well connected, savvy and purple through and through. Even better, they’re on your side.

    Opportunities to form relationships that will last a lifetime. The time you devote to student organizations, outreach and service activities — even hanging out in your residence hall — will build friendships that will far outlast your days on campus. They’ll form your professional network, your closest circle of friends, your advisory group — after all professors have been known to give advice long after their students graduate. They may even end up family. We’ve seen quite a few graduation-day proposals. They’ll all be members of your Capital Family, and they’ll be there to open doors for you throughout your life and career.