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  •  Adult and Continuing Education Financial Aid Worksheet


     Financial Aid Worksheet

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    A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for all federal/state grant and loan programs. The FAFSA may be completed online at To aid you in filing your FAFSA, the U.S. Dept. of Education has designed the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet. This worksheet allows you to collect all of the necessary information on a paper form then transfer it electronically using the online version. These worksheets are available in the Adult and Graduate Education Office and in the Financial Aid Office. The online version of the FAFSA is strongly encouraged. Students who previously completed a FAFSA may submit a renewal FAFSA online. Capital’s school code, 003023, must be included.

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    1. Do you plan to receive employer reimbursement or a tuition waiver?

    If yes, please indicate amount or percent expected:

    2. Have you received or do you plan to receive financial aid (Pell Grant and/or Stafford Loans) from an institution other than Capital University during the academic year (including any summer term)?

    If yes, please indicate the name of the other educational institution:

    3. Number of hours you plan on taking per semester: **You must be enrolled at least 6 hrs. per semester to qualify for student loans**





    4. Do you currently possess a bachelor's degree? **If you are a first time non-degree student you must complete a Statement of Purpose form located on the Capital website at: CLL Statement of Purpose (Non-Degree)**

    If yes, are you a teacher licensure candidate??

    5. When do expect to complete your program at Capital?

    Statement of Financial Aid Responsibility

    I will inform the Financial Aid Office of any other scholarship, employer reimbursement, grant or loan I may receive.

    I understand my total financial aid award and the amount of each type of aid (grants, loans, etc.) may change from year to year, and even from semester to semester, due to a change in my enrollment status.

    I understand if I withdraw from the university during the academic year, my financial aid eligibility will be re-calculated, and financial aid programs may be refunded according to federal and state regulations and university policy. See Capital University
    Undergraduate Bulletin for details.

    I certify by my signature that I have read the Capital University Financial Aid Worksheet and understand I must comply with the program guidelines indicated for each program and will notify the Financial Aid Office should any changes occur in my enrollment status as originally reported on this form or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

    I accept the "Statement of Financial Aid Responsibility":


    Type your name as confirmation of acceptance of the above statement: